Adorable Guy Makes Adorable Food For His Bedridden Pregnant Wife

Some pregnancies are tougher than others. Take Shirley Sirivong’s. The currently expecting mom was diagnosed with a triple whammy of complications—placenta previa, insufficient cervix and gestational diabetes—that had her on bedrest and eating a very, very limited diet from early in pregnancy. But her husband Gat has risen to the challenge, creating the cutest diabetic-friendly breakfast-in-bed plates imaginable.

The ingredients may have been meager (boiled eggs, toast, and vegetables, the occasional waffle) but the creativity is impressive. And it’s inspiring and heartwarming to see a partner come up with a way of making his wife’s experience more enjoyable during a tough pregnancy. The couple was featured recently on and I thought I would spread the celebration of Gat’s sweet and generous gifts to his pregnant wife.

More examples of his supercute culinary handiwork below the jump.

From the “Adventure” Series….

The Angry Birds tribute version….

Shirley has recently reached 24 weeks gestation and has now moved to the hospital. My guess is the food there is not going to be quite as creative. But it’s clear that she has an amazing husband, and I am sending them both good vibes for a healthy baby.For the full portfolio of bedrest breakfast art, and more on this inspirational couple, see the gallery and article at

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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