After Getting 14 Women Pregnant, Freelance Sperm Donor Warned to Stop Selling His Stuff on the Web

Sperm for sale! Hot, fresh sperm for sale!

Hey, man. If he’s willing to give, what’s the big deal? I figure this dude is kind of like Robin Hood except he doesn’t have to rob anyone to give to those in need.  Even better than Robin Hood!

The government doesn’t see it that way.

As reports, the FDA has warned a San Francisco man to stop selling his sperm over the internet after helping 14 women get pregnant.

36-year-old Trent Arsenault says he’s just helping women become mothers without having to go through the sperm donation process but the authorities say it’s a health hazard. Really? Doesn’t seem like sperm banks really have their shiz together these days so if Arsenault is willing and the woman are wanting – what’s the big deal? I see this kind of like I see hookers. If everyone is over 18-years old and willing participants, who cares? The women obviously want babies.

The FDA says it isn’t that simple. They accuse Arsenault of running a business that violates the regulations sperm banks must adhere to including having donors tested for diseases. As the AP reports, “sperm banks also typically separate the actual sperm cells from the rest of the ejaculate to reduce risk of contamination, which means Arsenault is selling the fertility equivalent of unpasteurized, unfiltered cow milk. And because he’s dealing in human cells, he faces some stiff penalties if he doesn’t comply with the FDA’s order— up to $100,000 in fines and a year behind bars.”

Arsenault, who has four more children on the way, says he’s just providing a service to women who may not be able to afford a sperm bank. “This is not a business or a clinic. It’s just people partnering up to have a baby out of compassion,” the minister’s son tells the Associated Press. “I always had known through people praying at church that there’s fertility issues,” Arsenault says. “I thought it would just be a neat way of service to help the community.”

Rock on wit yo bad self, I say!  How can it be a business if he isn’t exactly selling anything?  I know a lot of “freelance sperm donors” who aren’t quite as compassionate as Arsenault.  Tiger Woods comes to mind.  Still, fertility experts say Arsenault is putting those kids at risk for one day meeting and accidentally having “sibling sex” with each other.

What do you think? Is what Arenault and willing women do with his sperm their business or the governments?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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