After Infertility: 17 Week Pregnancy Update

I can still remember very clearly the day my pregnancy test turned positive for this pregnancy and yet, here I am sharing my 17 week pregnancy update. It’s crazy how quickly this all goes and especially when I’m trying to take it all in and live in the moment. The first trimester, I find, is always the most stressful and as I approach the half-way mark, I am happy to see some easing on symptoms and increase in some of the more exciting things about pregnancy.

It’s been a while since I wrote a pregnancy update, but it’s something I would like to do more often. I think it’s fun for me to have it written down, but I’ve also been a fan of reading other’s updates (If you have one, link it in the comments so I can go read!).

Week of pregnancy: 17 weeks

Weight gain: Minus 7 pounds

Symptoms: Still have nausea and vomiting, headaches seem to come each night and I’m finding myself to be more and more hungry

Showing yet?: Some days I think I am and other’s not at all.

The best thing: Watching my kids get excited about the baby

The most difficult thing: With all the humidity, I’ve found it difficult to keep hydrated.

Feeling baby move?: Yes! I’ve been feeling the baby for a few weeks. This week my husband felt the babe and so did Raru.

Appointments coming up: I have an ultrasound for my kidney this week and the 20 week anatomy ultrasound next week.

Looking forward to: Looking pregnant and not just like I’ve put on a few pounds.

Boy or girl?: Not sure yet. I don’t even have a clear feeling either way. We should know soon.

Purchases?: I have bought some things for myself (nursing bras), but only have a blanket for the babe.

Some photos that represent the past few weeks from belly pictures to food cravings:

  • A 17 Week Pregnancy Update 1 of 7

    This pregnancy seems to be flying by, but thankful things are going well.

    Photo credit: image adapted from nemuneko.jc | Flickr

  • The First Sign 2 of 7

    When I was 15 weeks pregnant, I saw my first sign of a maybe-baby bump. Before that and still some now, the bump could be confused with just putting on a few extra pounds.

  • Breakfast 3 of 7

    All fruit, all the time. It is really the one thing that I can consistently eat without being sick again, so I stock up. Vegetables do the same things so I try to "eat the rainbow" of both. Orange juice and water are my drinks of choice, but I added in an iced coffee too.

  • House Chores, What? 4 of 7

    If where you live has been struck with insane heat and humidity like it has where I live, you probably get this. The weather has been unkind in general, but seems so much more difficult to manage when pregnant. So, things have been running behind here -- like the dishes.

  • All The Time Dinner 5 of 7

    I am still craving fruit like no one's business, but for dinner I've been also trying to eat yogurt for calcium and half a whole-grain gluten-free bagel. Also, a gluten-free chocolate cookie because we all need a treat.

  • First Mirror Selfie 6 of 7

    When you're pregnant, it seems obligatory to share your new shape in the form of a bathroom mirror selfie. Here's my growing shape!

  • My First Non-Fruit Craving 7 of 7

    It struck me one moment that I wanted macaroni and cheese. I have to watch my dairy intake because I have a casein intolerance (that doesn't seem to react while I am pregnant), but I just had to make this homemade gluten-free mac and cheese. It was so good!

:: what’s new and exciting this month in your pregnancy? ::

Photo credits: @Devan McGuinness | AccustomedChaos


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