After Infertility: 18 Weeks Pregnant Update

18 Weeks PregnantI am having a hard time believing I am nearly half-done this pregnancy. Since I don’t go the full 40-42 weeks being high risk and needing to be induced, at 18 weeks pregnant, it’s nearly the midway point for me. It’s so strange — I can still remember the day my husband was finally on board with adding another person to our family and the day I was diagnosed with infertility. I an so thankful, so very thankful, to be here now and growing a healthy baby.

I am starting to finally feel pregnant now and look it to the outside world. I am generally feeling well other than the ongoing “morning sickness” and kidney issues are still plaguing me. I am happy the heatwave is over and I can move again without feeling like death.

I had got my hair done this weekend which always helps me feel more human and it was much needed after a difficult few weeks of feeling super gross. I am really looking forward to watching my belly grow and I know in these next few weeks, babe will be going through a huge growth-spurt.

Here’s my update for the 18th week of pregnancy, be sure to link yours up in the comments so I can read yours too!

Week of pregnancy: 18 weeks

Weight gain: Minus 8 pounds

Symptoms: I am feeling more hungry now, which is a good thing. I still can’t stomach any meat so it’s still all about fruits and vegetables. Also, restless leg syndrome has started up and it’s not fun.

Showing yet?: Finally starting to!

The best thing: Feeling the baby move and my husband touching my growing bump.

The most difficult thing: Eating. I am so hungry all the time, but meat still won’t settle. I just want to feel really full, you know?

Feeling baby move?: Yes! Baby is moving a lot more and s/he’s getting a lot stronger!

Appointments coming up: The anatomy scan is this week — I’ll be about 19 weeks when we have it done. Looking forward to it, but still anxious.

Looking forward to: Getting reassurance from the anatomy scan.

Boy or girl?: Still don’t know. I go back and forth between the two. I have my 20 week anatomy scan this week!

Purchases?: I had to buy maternity clothes this week. I am still fitting fine in my non-maternity pants, but maternity shirts are now a must.

:: What’s new and exciting this month in your pregnancy? ::

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