After So Many Disappointments, Family Turns to Crowdfunding for a Baby

A British woman whose six miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies left her with no choice but to undergo a hysterectomy sees crowdfunding as her final chance to become a mom.

According to a new piece in The Daily Mail34-year-old Jo Hilton, of Strafford-upon-Avon, suffered her first ectopic pregnancy when she was just 19 and has experienced nothing but disappointment since then in her efforts to have a baby.

So now Ms. Hilton and her husband, James, have turned to the generosity of others, including complete strangers in cyberspace, to try and raise the £15,000 (approximately $25,000) they need to hire a surrogate to have a baby for them.

My life dream is us walking into a nursery in our home and watching our little baby peacefully sleep in their crib,” the hopeful Ms. Hilton told The Daily Mail. “We are doing everything we can to try and raise funds and we wish we didn’t have to ask for help.”

Crowdfunding has taken the digital age by storm the last few years as every one from unknown bands to urgent charities to inventors and even bonafide Hollywood celebrities have taken to dozens of sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Crowdfunder to try and raise the money they need to help fund their own particular project or cause.

Naturally then, because the overt act of simply asking for money has proven to be a highly successful way for so many dreams and ideas to get off the ground, it has also caught the attention of  a group of people around the world who are desperate to find a way to fund their own quest to become parents. (See: Asking Friends for IVF Money? Why Not?!)

And lest you wonder whether the whole notion of appearing in cyberspace looking for cash is unsavory or just too darn much, make no mistake about it, the Hiltons are not just sitting back and hoping the money will come rolling in without any effort on their end. The Daily Mail notes that Jo sells jewelry that she makes by hand while her husband, James, who really wants the chance to be a dad, is a talented painter who sells his art in yet another attempt to raise the funds they need to start a family

‘If you can not understand infertility or what we are going through, then look at the faces of your children and wonder what your lives would be like without them smiling back at you – then you will have some idea,” Jo tells the Mail.

You can donate any amount that you can afford to the Hiltons right here.


Info source: The Daily Mail


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