After Three Years, I’m FINALLY PREGNANT

Image Source: Aela Mass
Image Source: Aela Mass

After three years, multiple IVF cycles, a devastating miscarriage, and countless setbacks … Aela’s road to motherhood has been anything but easy. Follow her story on Babble and don’t miss the latest chapter in her journey below.


I’m in awe that I’m even writing this post. I think I had started to believe that it would never happen for us. I stopped expecting success; I stopped expecting a positive.

But I’m pregnant.


My first IVF cycle at Boston IVF worked. After three years of home inseminations, and IVF cycles, and FET cycles back in New York, I’m finally pregnant.


I actually knew before my blood test. I just felt it, and so I took a home pregnancy test six days after my embryo transfer and it was a very faint positive. I tried not to get too excited, because I knew it was possible that the test picked up on my ovulation trigger shot, which could have still been in my system.

But I knew.

And the next day, I took another test. Slightly darker. This continued for the next five days, right up until my blood test. Each stick was darker than the one the day before, and I knew it wasn’t my trigger shot.

I knew I was pregnant.

When I went in for my blood test, I told them about the home tests. I knew I was pregnant, but I don’t think I actually believed it.

I got the official call later that day after the blood work had confirmed what the five pregnancy tests at home had already told me.


By this time, I had developed pretty awful OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome) and was feeling awful. OHSS is a reaction — an overreaction, really — to the stimulation meds. I wasn’t at great risk for this during my cycle, but the pregnancy hormones “activated” the OHSS.

I was finally pregnant, but miserable. How cruel!

My ovaries have been the size of grapefruits and my gut is filled with fluid. I have to sleep sitting upright, and I can’t stand up straight. My entire abdomen is like a rock, and it’s difficult to take deep breaths. I’ve been put on modified bed rest for two weeks. To be honest, the level of discomfort can’t be explained. Naturally, there’d be some level of drama with our story; nothing is a walk in the park for us.

But I’m pregnant!

Today is the first day that I feel slightly better, and I’m actually able to enjoy this amazing news.

I’m pregnant!

Of course, it’s still early, but we have no reason to think this Little One will do anything but stay put until December. My previous loss was at 17 weeks, and I’ll be damned if I let this pregnancy get clouded by worry. The OHSS won’t affect the outcome, so it’s just a matter of getting through this discomfort (it’s expected to last a few weeks). And I’m hoping this will be the only issue we deal with for the rest of this pregnancy.

Pregnancy! I’m pregnant!

Can you believe it? Because I’m really not sure I can …

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