The AH-HA Moment – The Positive Pregnancy Test

positive pregnancy tests

Your period is late. Could you be?

What if.

It’s positive. 2 pink lines. You are pregnant.

That positive pregnancy test changed my life. 4 times now. Each day finding out that I was pregnant contains a vivid memory.

Z – August 2002 – after taking probably 50+ tests (read her birth story and journey here) I was finally pregnant.

E – September 2004, Labor Day – The husband was cleaning out the garage and helping his sister move. I was watching our Z and remember thinking, WHAT?!!

I – July 2008 – After 4 years of trying, and not wanting to take a test even though my period was late – I did it. One of my dear friends had found out she was pregnant 2 weeks before. We now both have boys 10 days apart.

#4 – January 2011 – We were at my mother in law’s house, as a joke my sister in law had bought me a pregnancy test for Christmas. I hadn’t had a period in a while, but I had been taking birth control and really thought since my schedule since having my last baby was off it was nothing. Well, it was a baby. I was pregnant.

While each are 4 different pregnancies – resulting in 4 different children there was a common denominator.

It Was a Total AH-HA Moment.

From the moment I saw the 2 lines on my first positive pregnancy test, I knew. It was no longer just about me. It’s about this little being that is needing your love, support, nutrients and well being. It’s a job in itself to be pregnant. But it’s more than that.

With that positive pregnancy test – you are now a mom.

And a mom – is a career path. Take it seriously. It’s a responsibility. There are enough screwed up people in the world. I don’t want my kids to become one of them. And from the first day that I realize they exist forward, it’s my responsibility to care, nurture and grow each.

What Was Your Biggest AH-HA When You Found Out You Were Pregnant?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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