All About Pregnancy: Chatting with Super-Mom Ali Landry

Ali Landry is the all-American Mom and she rocks it. I love her Southern hospitality every time I see her and the sweet ways she has as a mother. She may be in the Hollywood limelight but she hasn’t forgotten her roots, and that is just what I adore most about her.
One of the nicest “celebs” I’ve met, she wears many hats and does it well. From Miss USA to the “Doritos” girl to everyday mom and wife – Ali Landry does it all, with ease. I am thrilled to share my latest interview with Ali as she discusses how she does it all, pregnancy cravings, if she will have more children and what her Littles must have in their nursery.

1.) You are a super-mom. Point blank! We’ve seen you at your busiest! Getting ready for your Belle Parish fashion show while holding sweet Estella on your hip! Now with another Little in tow, how do you manage it all?
Juggling work and parental responsibilities is no easy task, especially since I don’t have a 9 to 5 job. I try to keep the kids on a schedule but it’s pretty hard when I don’t have one myself! I don’t have a secret or a special method; I just take it day by day and try to make sure I always make time for the kids. Sometimes you feel guilty if you’re not around as much as you would like, but you just have to go into each day with the best of intentions and try to stay as organized as possible, that’s key. If I have a bad day, I just try to remember that tomorrow is a new day.

2.) During your pregnancies, what were your weirdest cravings?

I was lucky enough to have really healthy cravings! My main craving was for fresh juices, which I never craved before. My favorite one was beet, apple, carrot and cucumber juice. And also ice water.

3.) What are a few of your must-have products in your Littles nurseries?

Great question because millions of us moms want to know what are the best products to buy for our kids from a trusted source.  I have had the privilege of being introduced to a variety of amazing baby products, raging from the tried and true to the very new, including some that are just being introduced to the market. That’s one of the reasons we decided to start, so we could connect and introduce moms to products that fit their needs, suggested by other moms and also discover new and great products.  Anyway, some of my favoritesare:

NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator, it’s the BEST thing for cleaning out baby’s nose

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit: it helps make the transition from swaddling, and keeps the baby cozy  and safe.

Nap Nanny: it’s perfect for taking the baby from room to room with me, and he can sleep on it or play.  Even Estela uses it, to read or watch TV.

Sophie the Giraffe, best teething toy in the world!

4.) How did you choose their names? Did you just know, google, buy lots of baby name books……

We definitely started out Googling and looking at baby name books, but at the end we decided to go with something more personal that had meaning to us, so we went with family names. Estela is the name of my husband’s grandmother, and her middle name, Ines, is Spanish for my grandmother’s name, Agnes. Marcelo’s middle name is Alejandro, after his father.

5.) What type of exercise routine did you have during your pregnancy?

I followed a pregnancy workout routine guided by a personal trainer. I ran on the treadmill, did Pilates and used the BOSU ball. I think it also helps a lot to do little things like walking around the block, or doing butt squeezes, curls and toe raises while you do stuff around the house.

6. ) What is your favorite part of being pregnant? Do you one day want more?

Yes! If God blesses with more children, we’d be very happy to have more. As for being pregnant, I love it when the belly starts growing and suddenly it all seems so real. I love feeling the baby kick and that connection you develop.  I also like that I eat a lot healthier and get more rest when I’m pregnant, and after the 3 month mark I just feel like I have boundless energy. For some reason I also get really inspired during my pregnancies.

7.) As a veteran, what are your new-mom essentials?

For me, the Baby Bjorn Active carrier has been a life saver. I carry Marcelo around a lot, and I suffered from back and shoulder pain, but this carrier provides a lot of support and stability, plus the baby loves it. I also couldn’t live without my Medela electric breast pump coupled with the Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bra (which holds the pump in place). Expressing milk helps increase milk production and with this I can pump while I go about my business. The Bravado nursing bra is also excellent for breast feeding. Finally, the Miracle Blanket is truly a miracle. It had Estela sleeping through the night at 2 weeks.

Don’t forget to check-out just what’s in her diaper bag here!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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