All Grown Up on the Disney Magic: For Adults

All Grown Up on the Disney Magic: For AdultsOften, when I thought of a Disney cruise, I thought of somewhere you went with 3 kids and the knowledge that the entire time you’d be surrounded by a billion screaming children, ice cream, tantrums, and diaper bins.

Wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Disney has created the almost effortless appeal to both adults and children. Even adults¬†without kids ::gasp::¬†sailed. And had an amazing time. Heck – after going with Bella? I’d go without her and just Sam if we had to do a cruise with just us two.

It would totally be more fun to take her though. Seeing her face was beyond worth it.

There were adult-only pool/lounge areas. Dinners were all beautifully done and the food was a work of art. Dancing, drinks, theater, movies. I saw many couples on their honeymoon or just there for the indulgence Disney does so well.

I told Sam when I got home, “I’ve never been on another cruise line, but I’d never try one after Disney. We’d only go with them.” I mean it, they really were that fantastic and well done.

Read on to find out how they made it so adult friendly while keeping the kids happy and safe.

  • Palo 1 of 17
    The Disney Magic highlight for adults. This upscale, detail oriented restaurant features a brunch and dinner service. Food is elegantly prepared, and only adults 18+ are allowed with a dress code enforced. Well worth the bit of extra money you need to pay for a night to remember.
  • Port Excursions 2 of 17
    Port Excursions
    Leave the ship in Cozumel (or any of their amazing destinations) and sprawl out on a sandy beach with crystal clear water. Some of the resorts are an all inclusive, but all have things for both kids and adults to do.
  • {Free!} Room Service 3 of 17
    {Free!} Room Service
    Lifesaver. I ordered this when we got back from something and it was too close to nap to try to head to lunch. 24 hours; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All gourmet.
  • Kid’s Club 4 of 17
    Kid's Club
    I teared up the last time I picked Bella up from here. There is a nursery and 2 kids clubs aboard the ship (more clubs for older kids as well). I was worried Bella would melt down, but she was thrilled to go and be entertained with plays, watch a movie, make a craft, or read a story. Well supervised and open from 9am-12am each day.
  • Relax in the Room 5 of 17
    Relax in the Room
    Rooms are big enough to really relax in. We were on the 8th floor and had a curtain that separated the sitting area (that had a couch-turned-bed and two bunk beds stored up above). For families traveling with kids, this means you have your own areas. And the storage is plenty, I unpacked all of our stuff and put it away with tons of room to spare.
  • The Parties 6 of 17
    The Parties
    The pirates night was something you never forget - music, dancing, fireworks off the ship. Waiters walked around with drinks to purchase.
  • Spa and Salon 7 of 17
    Spa and Salon
    I had my hair done and a massage at the spa on board the Magic. It was worth every penny. Their stylist Amanda {waves hi!} was the best, and another blogger and I went to get massages one evening. Heaven.
  • Verandas 8 of 17
    When your child naps, falls asleep, or you drop them off at the club, take advantage of the verandas on some of the rooms. Well worth a bit of extra money for the relaxation, peace, and privacy.
  • Views 9 of 17
    If just taking it all in is your style, the views alone are enough for any art starved soul. This was pulling into the Grand Caymans on our first morning at port.
  • Pools 10 of 17
    On the 9th deck there are 3 pools, but the Quiet Cove is adults only. Sun on their comfy lounge chairs or enjoy a dip in the pool. Waiters bring by drinks and the food stands right next to it are open most of the day.
  • Room Luxuries 11 of 17
    Room Luxuries
    Inside the generously sized closets hang the softest robes and slippers ever. Put one on and head out to the verandah or watch TV in total comfort.
  • Dining 12 of 17
    The places we ate (3 that rotated each night) were spectacular. They took you through themes and different attire, songs and acts. Besides that, the formal and yet casual feel made it special for us and yet not so special we were a mess about the kids.
  • The Food 13 of 17
    The Food
    The food is grown up food. You're not going to find chicken fingers or a hamburger here. Flip through to see a sample of what we ate.
  • Appetizers 14 of 17
    Each menu came with 4-5 courses. This was tuna tartare - just one of the many to come.
  • Main Courses 15 of 17
    Main Courses
    Lamb. That is all. Each main course simply blew my mind - from huge lobster tail to filet mignon.
  • Desserts 16 of 17
    This was a dessert at the buffet - which was pretty incredible. All of the stuff you crave ::coughchocolatecough:: is there for the taking, all done in unique and detailed designs.
  • The Staff 17 of 17
    The Staff
    Are the kids driving you crazy at dinner? Lori, my dinner buddy, and her 3 kids joined us each night, and when the 4 of them got a little crazy, one of the waiters was there to step over and entertain or distract.

Huge thanks to Disney for sending Bella and I on their cruise line. All opinions are my own.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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