Am I In Labor?

First things first, after you read this, make sure you comment on the little bet the hubs and I have going on. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…..

So you would think, after 4 Littles, with this being my 5th pregnancy, I would KNOW when I was actually in labor right? Well, I caught myself a handful of times this evening googling for help.  I know, shame on me.

I’ve been dealing with the ever so evil preterm labor since I was 18 weeks. I’m sure you have all read the never ending updates. But now, I just feel like a time bomb ticking away. All weekend, I doubled up on my preterm labor meds, both Procardia and Terbutaline. I didn’t leave my couch or bed. Literally. I didn’t want to move because I have been praying to just make the 34 week mark. And well, I am 34 weeks tomorrow.

All day yesterday I had horrible, strong contractions. We are talking 1-2 minute, deep breathing contractions. Thankfully they stopped. But now – here I am, in pain, counting contractions, wondering if the back pain is just because I am so pregnant, wondering if the cramping is just gas, etc. Yes, it’s a constant question. Am I in labor? 

Every labor for me has been somewhat different yet oh-so-similar. Except for one. My very first daughter was born in 6 hours. My water broke at 3:30 and I had her 9:30. It was quick, easy and well, just a breeze. Now, for the other 3. They were more difficult and literally the same. Each one came a little sooner, 36 weeks, 35 weeks and the last at 34 weeks. But, with each one, I went in the evening before, usually between 5pm-7pm, find out I am dilated way more than I ever expected so I walk the hospital, start IV’s because I am always Strep B positive and than we wait. With the last 3 pregnancies, they let me sleep the night away and we usually start PIT after the break my water which has always been between 8am-11am and later in the afternoon, I deliver. As you can see – it’s never quick. My water ALWAYS has to be broken. It’s never naturally broke on it’s own. And well, my labors are pretty predictable.

Which is why for some reason, since this pregnancy has been anything but, I am just a little nervous. Another reason I am a little more cautious; we are now 45 minutes from the hospital. Yes, we moved during my pregnancy and well, we aren’t 20 minutes away anymore so with that said, I don’t want to have a baby in the car. That’s for sure. 

So, I am officially looking forward to every weekly visit and sad to say, cervical check. Even though, with my last I dilated SO quick, it was literally minutes so I know it can happen at anytime.  But still, at least the dilating tells you a little something about being close to the big labor day.  I think that’s another reason I’m worried. Because I am dialted. And I have a high tolerance for pain. And well, I’ve been contracting so much this entire pregnancy. Even when I double up on meds, I am still contracting so it’s just a constant guessing game as I am in the home stretch!

But, I’d love to hear from YOU. 

When did you “know” you were in labor? Did your water break? Contractions? Just didn’t feel right?

So Readers: When do you think I will go into labor? The hubs and I have bets going. He thinks I will have him early, 34.4 – which would be Saturday. I have a feeling, since it’s a full moon, that it will be September 29th. It’s exactly one month from my due date and I will be almost 36 weeks. If you’ve been following me this entire pregnancy, I’d love for you to leave me a comment. When do you think I will go into labor? Maybe I will give out a little prize if you’re right once the time comes! Comment below. Might as well have some fun with this while it lasts! 

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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