Amazing Ultrasound Photos From Around The Web

Hey Mom! Everything’s great in here!

When I was pregnant I could stare at ultrasound pictures all day long.  I even took to Googling sonograms of strangers to see what my baby looked like at that exact moment.

Like, when I was 30 weeks along I’d Google “ultrasound, 30 weeks” and stare at the images, daydreaming about the little one inside of me, wondering what he or she looked like.

I decided to round up some of the coolest ultrasound images from around the web and man, are there some cool pictures.  Not all are 4D, I included a couple that were just too cool to leave out, like a fetus flashing the peace sign.  There are also some before birth/after birth shots that are really neat to see.

So, check ’em out after the jump!

  • Before and After 1 of 29
    Before and After
    So cool! I wish I had thought of this. But I never got a 4D ultrasound.
  • Full Body Shot 2 of 29
    Full Body Shot
    It's just blows my mind to see a shot like this. You can even see the umbilical cord.
  • Home Alone 3 of 29
    Home Alone
    Doesn't this look like the Macaulay Culkin shot from the movie Home Alone?
  • Thumb Sucker 4 of 29
    Thumb Sucker
    This little guy is 29 weeks old here.
  • Picasso 5 of 29
    Doesn't this look like some kind of crazy cool Picasso painting?
  • Thumb Sucker 2 6 of 29
    Thumb Sucker 2
    This baby looks like another thumb sucker. Kind of reminds me of my boy, Henry. Always has his hands in his mouth. Look at the tiny abdomen and the tendons in the neck. So amazing!
  • Sweet Smile 7 of 29
    Sweet Smile
    This baby is pretty happy about something.
  • The Waver 8 of 29
    The Waver
    Another Picasso-esque ultrasound. This baby appears to be waving hello.
  • The Scream 9 of 29
    The Scream
    Some of the ultrasounds can be kind of freaky. But what do you expect when you're peeking in on the creation of life, ya know?
  • Look Closely 10 of 29
    Look Closely
    I had to look at this one for a minute before the baby jumped out at me. Kind of like one of those pictures you stare at cross-eyed until the image appears.
  • Picture Perfect 11 of 29
    Picture Perfect
    It's hard to believe this is even an ultrasound, the image is so amazing it looks like a photo of a baby already born.
  • Chubby Already 12 of 29
    Chubby Already
    Stick a fork in this bun in the oven. I think it's done.
  • Party Dude 13 of 29
    Party Dude
    This baby looks like the life of the party, yeah?
  • Sweet Sleeper 14 of 29
    Sweet Sleeper
    Another picture perfect baby in utero.
  • The Mischevious Baby 15 of 29
    The Mischevious Baby
    Doesn't this baby look like he/she is up to something?
  • The View From Above 16 of 29
    The View From Above
    This perspective is fantastic. You can see the entire baby nestled in mama's womb. Look at the little toothpick rib cage!
  • Eyes Wide Open 17 of 29
    Eyes Wide Open
    Look how much detail of the eye you can see!
  • Before & After 18 of 29
    Before & After
    Another cool before and after shot.
  • Comfy Cozy 19 of 29
    Comfy Cozy
    I love the ones in which baby has a hand cuddled into its face. So sweet.
  • Phantom Baby 1 20 of 29
    Phantom Baby 1
    Some of the images, depending on how far along the baby is, can be quite haunting.
  • Phantom Baby 2 21 of 29
    Phantom Baby 2
    Same baby, different shot.
  • Before & After 22 of 29
    Before & After
    I don't know what it is, but it's pretty cool to see the before and after shots.
  • Hey, Down There! 23 of 29
    Hey, Down There!
    This one might be my favorite. I just love being able to see baby all tucked inside mom like that.
  • The Thinker 24 of 29
    The Thinker
    Don't bother this baby. He/She has a lot to think about.
  • Feetsies 25 of 29
    Look at the feet up there by the head! And the way the shadows fall, it almost looks like this baby has super long lashes. It's like a beautiful painting I'd hang on my wall.
  • Gene Simmons 26 of 29
    Gene Simmons
    Baby already rocking The Kiss tongue.
  • Can Anybody Hear Me?! 27 of 29
    Can Anybody Hear Me?!
    Crying or yawning? My guess is yawning.
  • Zen Baby 28 of 29
    Zen Baby
    This is another favorite of mine. Look at the little crossed legs! Like baby is meditating on the meaning of life.
  • The End 29 of 29
    The End
    I kind of wish there was a shot of this baby after being born. You can see so much detail in the face, it'd be cool to see the baby now.

What happens when the sonogram photo isn’t as great as you hoped?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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