Amazingly Bizarre Pregnancy Portraits, Couples Edition

Last summer’s Amazingly Bizarre Pregnancy Portraits Parts One and Two were such hits, this summer I’ve followed up with the couples edition.

But before you enter the weird world of semi-naked couples holding whips or dead birds or guns, let’s give a collective shout out to self-expression!

Do we really need more tasteful shots of perfect, expecting couples  wearing things like shirts and doing things like not holding dead birds?

On that note, here’s some serious diversity, audacity and joie de vivre.

  • Dad Takes His Shirt Off Too 1 of 14
    Dad Takes His Shirt Off Too
    I'm not sure I get why the dad needs to shed his shirt, here, but hey looks like a lot of work went into that detailed fetus sketch.
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  • The Meineke Touch 2 of 14
    The Meineke Touch
    Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the family tire business is going to put that kid through college.
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  • Belly Worshop 3 of 14
    Belly Worshop
    This is a very common pregnancy couple motif-- dad is on knees or lower than mom and looking up.Reverence for the power of the female body? His last moments getting to act like a toddler before he has one of his own? Take your pick. The dog is a nice touch.
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  • More Belly Worship 4 of 14
    More Belly Worship
    This time with a lovely white feather.
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  • The Expectant Dominatrix 5 of 14
    The Expectant Dominatrix
    This power dynamic can be maintained throughout parenthood.
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  • Flipping the Bird Is *Always* Funny 6 of 14
    Flipping the Bird Is *Always* Funny
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  • We Still Know How To Party 7 of 14
    We Still Know How To Party
    Pregnancy shouldn't stop anyone from fun and games. Actually, I'm serious about this. It's just that this only looks mildly fun.
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  • Knocked Up and Strung Up 8 of 14
    Knocked Up and Strung Up
    There are a surprising number of photos circulating of pregnant women posing with their partners and an animal he has very recently shot.
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  • Don’t Even… 9 of 14
    Don't Even...
    ... mess with these guys when volunteer to face-paint at the preschool fundraiser.
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  • The Forced Romantic Shot 10 of 14
    The Forced Romantic Shot
    If you can only stop laughing for the time it takes the shutter to open and close, maybe the pose is actually hilarious.
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  • Venus Rises 11 of 14
    Venus Rises
    Romantic tide And she's already pregnant!
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  • Look Out! Parenting is Going to be Fun! 12 of 14
    Look Out! Parenting is Going to be Fun!
    How long before the newborn gets a fake moustache?
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  • The Headless Pregnancy 13 of 14
    The Headless Pregnancy
    I try to always show a face when I show a bump, just coz, you know, there's a brain attached to that uterus, and an opinion and a voice. But my feminist bone-picking aside, this guy looks very proud of his contributions.
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  • Bumps Bumping 14 of 14
    Bumps Bumping
    A hard to resist photo-op.
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Ceridwen Morris is the co-author of From The Hips. Follow her pregnancy blogging on Facebook.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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