An Epidural Costs HOW MUCH?

With my first child and the epidural gone bad – I recall the anesthesiologist pulling out a sheet of paper from his back pocket. It had some numbers, apparently insurance codes on it. The doctor wrote down the code and then proceeded to look up at me and ask Did you know an epidural costs $1200?

That should of been a sign for me to say, screw the epidural. But no, and I went on to experience my own little HELL while that doctor made several hundred dollar.

Anywho, we had insurance that covered 90% of the billed cost of the epidural – leaving us to pay around $120 in co-insurance fees. But $1200 for an epidural? I HAD NO IDEA!

This 4th child – we again are fortunate enough to have health insurance, but coverage is at 80%.  So any of the misc. fees, such as if we opted for another epidural would tack on more to our hospital stay.

I wonder how much they charge for those SEXY net panties? I’m thinking they are pricer than anything at Victoria’s Secret.

What Outrageous Hospital Costs Have You Experienced For What Could Seem Minimal?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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