An iPhone App for the Baby-Name Obsessed

Did you know that baby naming is a growing, thriving sub-culture right now? Much thanks to popular baby name blogs, there’s an entire community that discusses the sounds and meanings and popularity of baby names, and they even have their own “top baby name” favorites apart from the rest of the country.

And it’s not just parents and parents-to-be. There are plenty of baby-name researchers that just love the concept of naming — whether it’s for their pets, their book characters, or their future children.

No matter why you’re fascinated with baby names right now, this free app is pretty intriguing. Called Nametrix, it’ll give you in-depth data on a particular name, down to likely professions (like did you know an Ellen is disproportionately more likely to be a psychotherapist, librarian, or activist?) and in which region the name is most popular.

Check out some of the cool features:

  • Overall Ranking 1 of 5
    Overall Ranking
    Not only will the app tell you that "Julian" is #49 in popularity, but it peaked in 2011. And don't be surprised if he grows up to be a Republican surgeon.
  • Popularity Path 2 of 5
    Popularity Path
    All of the data for the Nametrix app is pulled from public records — like 547 out of 1.9 million girls were named Blair in 1988 (the most popular year yet for the name).
  • Future Professions 3 of 5
    Future Professions
    Looking for the most doctor-like names? What about the most gangster names? Because apparently Vito is way gangster.
  • Where in the World is… 4 of 5
    Where in the World is...
    You might know the ranking of your favorite baby names, but do you know where the name is most popular? Tabitha, for instance, is a predominately south-eastern name. Who knew?
  • Playing Politics 5 of 5
    Playing Politics
    Hoping little Junior follows in your political footsteps? A Republican might want to reconsider the name Noah.

Download Nametrix: Doctor or Dancer from the app store (FREE!).

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