An Ode to My Diaper Bag (Why I Want Another Just Like It)

Hello, old friend.

For 2.5 years, my diaper bag has been my constant companion. I feel naked when I leave home without it. We’ve been through some good and bad times together, and it’s been there when no other carry-all would do.

Speaking from experience and a fair amount of pre-baby skepticism, here’s my two cents on what design features you gotta have in a diaper bag.

Though mine is still in good shape (but probably needs a trip to the dry cleaners), I think 1,000 days of constant use might warrant a new purchase for baby numero dos. Messenger bags and stylish totes can be really tempting if you’ve got a wanna-make-it-work attitude, but I’ve learned that at least a few diaper bag-specific design features are musts! A good bag is worth the investment and will make your new, crazy, wonderful, life easier. And sometimes that’s all you care about.

There’s only a couple things I would change about my current bag: I wish this one had a zip-closure so toys and treats can’t be swiped when I’m not looking. Also, it would be nice to clean the outside myself but with fabric this sturdy that would be a lot to ask for. The inside lining is easy to wipe clean, however, which is nice.

Here are eight reasons I want another bag almost exactly like my current one:

  • 01. Not baby-specific in design 1 of 8
    01. Not baby-specific in design
    First things first: There's nothing baby-ish about this bag: no owls or flowers. It's also gender-neutral. I like a grown-up-looking bag since I'm the one carrying it.
  • 02. It all fits! 2 of 8
    02. It all fits!
    I like a diaper bag that fits a lot of stuff. This bag carries it ALL without problem, plus I don't have to dig around to find what I'm looking for.
  • 03. Boxy shape without bulk 3 of 8
    03. Boxy shape without bulk
    This bag stands on its own: nothing to un-flap nor flopping over. This makes it super easy to retrieve items (banana to the rescue!), and sometimes I need to find them quickly. This bag is often propped open on the console of my car, and on the floor during meetings and gatherings for easy access.
  • 04. Dual bottle holders 4 of 8
    04. Dual bottle holders
    You always need two bottles or sippy cups, at least. For a streamlined design and a little more insulation, I prefer inside bottle holders.
  • 05. Pockets, pockets, pockets 5 of 8
    05. Pockets, pockets, pockets
    One pocket for me: sunglasses, lip gloss, gum, phone, camera. Another for him: sunscreen, fruit snack, wet wipes, Match Box car. A third zip-close pocket presents more options, like a hiding spot for "special treats" I don't want my toddler seeing unless he (we?) really reach a breaking point.
  • 06. Stroller strap 6 of 8
    06. Stroller strap
    Aside from the regular straps, this diaper bag comes with a third clasped strap which means it will fit around the handles of nearly any stroller.
  • 07. Matching changing pad 7 of 8
    07. Matching changing pad
    An added bonus.
  • 08. Protected and reenforced 8 of 8
    08. Protected and reenforced
    The protective leather on bottom has really helped limit wear-and-tear on this bag---especially nice when it's spent its fair share of time on cafe floors and aside park benches.

What are you looking for in a diaper bag or love about yours? What are your must-have features? Did you find a non-diaper tote that worked for you?


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