An Open Letter + Pictorial List To Mr. Darling: 10 Reasons I’m Thankful For You This Father’s Day + Always

As I said in our vows, I will say it again: “I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart. I am never without it, anywhere I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling.”

It takes a real guy to stay sane in a house of 5 woman, oh wait, 6 if you include the dog. Sometimes I feel like I don’t get to tell my husband how much I really love him. Do you ever feel that way? For me, he is at my beck and call – especially now that I am on bed rest. His full-time job has become taking care of 4 girls, myself and again, the dog. Not to mention the housework, cutting the grass, taking the trash out and all of his many other duties. And well, I thought I would take a minute to write an open letter to him – to thank him for everything he has done for our girls, and everything he continues to do.

I consider myself one lucky girl for meeting Mr. Darling – the amazing husband and even more amazing father to our 4 girls. We all love our husbands but sometimes, we don’t exactly have a moment to remind them why. Sometimes we may take advantage and forget to simply say thanks or we may take for granted our time together. It is my husband who reminds me that I probably couldn’t survive as a single mother and together, we make a great team.

When I married my husband, after planning our wedding in 7 days, I knew we would never look back. Of course, all marriages have their bumps in the road but I am grateful for our time together and every moment I wake up with him by my side.

So here it goes – after the jump, read a few sweet nothings, words of thanks + why I couldn’t ask for a better father for my girls – a pictorial list of thanks to Mr. Darling! 

  • Happy Wife, Happy Life. 1 of 10
    Happy Wife, Happy Life.
    When I am craving Chicken Alfredo at 11:30 at night, you quickly jump up to order it just to make sure those pregnant cravings are fulfilled. He always makes sure I am happy!
  • He Makes Us All Laugh. 2 of 10
    He Makes Us All Laugh.
    Some call him my 6 kid because he really is a big kid at heart. He does silly things that make us smile even at the most unexpected times. Like this for example, bored in the hospital after giving birth to #3 - he decided to try on the gauze underwear. Gotta love him!
  • The Best Kinda Dad 3 of 10
    The Best Kinda Dad
    He is a hands on Dad. He would do anything for any of our girls. He loves them with passion and like no other. He is pretty much Super-Dad.
  • Thanks For Being You 4 of 10
    Thanks For Being You
    He listens. When I go into one of my hormonal rampages, he tells me it will be okay. He wipes my tears and reminds me not to worry.
  • He Does It All 5 of 10
    He Does It All
    He grocery shops just to come home to cook dinner, get it on the table, and return to the kitchen to clean it up. If it wasn't for him these past few weeks, we'd be eating Ramen Noodles every night.
  • Can Always Count On You 6 of 10
    Can Always Count On You
    He always supports me. When I have a photo shoot, he helps me lug everything I need to the location. When I have to work long hours, he never complains. He knows how important my career is to me which makes it just as important to him. Yet, he still continues to be an amazing Dad. Even at the most stressful times.
  • Grateful + Blessed 7 of 10
    Grateful + Blessed
    He hardly complains, and I know he wants to almost every time I ask him to do something. No matter how much I nag, no matter how much I drive him insane. He still loves me everyday!
  • The Best of Friends 8 of 10
    The Best of Friends
    He is my best friend. He has seen me at the worst and at the best. He never judges me. He always cheers me up.
  • Makes Me Smile 9 of 10
    Makes Me Smile
    I can always count on him during labor + delivery. He has never showed me he was scared when things weren't going as planned. Instead, he always held my hand, made me feel better and just helped me get to the end without freaking out. Whenever we are in the hospital, I can thank him for always making me laugh.
  • Wrapped Around Their Finger 10 of 10
    Wrapped Around Their Finger
    If one of the girls climbs in our bed, I always ask, are you going to put her back in bed. And he always responds: Just let her lay here. He loves to snuggle with his babies. No matter how much he complains about toes up his nose. He loves his girls!

Thank you, to my love, Mr.Darling, for making our family just that much more awesome! ilu. 

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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