An Open Letter to My Pregnant Friends, and to All Pregnant Women, From a Woman Trying (Again) to Conceive

Open Letter to Pregnant Women From a Woman Trying to Conceive

Dear Friends,

Please don’t feel bad that you’re pregnant and I’m not. Some women trying to conceive will speak of a secret jealousy they harbor for the pregnant women in their lives. That is not me. And it’s not many of the women I know who struggle getting pregnant.

I think your big ol’ pregnant belly is beautiful, my friend. I think the Little One growing inside of you is one of the luckiest and most blessed little creatures in the world to have you as a mom. I want you to tell me about your pregnancy. I want you to complain to me about your aching back or your awful nausea or your plans for the nursery.

Please don’t refrain from sharing the details of your pregnancy with me simply because I am still not pregnant. Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a woman’s life. I cherish pregnancy, even if it’s not mine, because it is truly amazing and miraculous and wonderful.

Yes, even the shitty parts like my miscarriage and fertility woes. Yes, some days are difficult for me, but that has nothing to do with you and everything to do with my own struggles. I beg you not to make me feel even more alone by tiptoeing around me when it comes to pregnancy talk. My tears will come from my own story, but your story can only bring me joy because I do not compare my life to yours.

So post those ultrasound shots, share those monthly belly updates, text me name ideas, bitch about your symptoms, and don’t ever once feel badly about it. Don’t ever once think you are being insensitive to me. Don’t ever once let concerns about me take even a single ounce of joy away from your most incredible journey. Now is your time.

Mine will come.

With love,
Your Friend


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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