An Outfit To Give Birth In

A possible birthing outfit?

OK…if you read the title of this post you’re probably thinking that I’m completely vain.  “Who thinks about what they’re wearing when they’re pushing a baby out of their vagina???” While it’s true I might be a bit vain at times, I am not writing this post from the standpoint of vanity.  I am writing this from the perspective of someone won’t be birthing in a hospital (hence no standard issue gown).  To help me with my dilemma, I googled “What to wear while birthing” and the answer that came up time and again was basically to just wear your birthday suit.

This might sound fabulously freeing to some, but it sounds terrible to me, since I happen to be incredibly modest.  I’m that girl that would never change outside of the bathroom stall at the public pool and in college my roommates used to tease me that I was a “Never-Nude” (if you’re a fan of the show “Arrested Development” you may recall this reference).  Call me crazy, but I just like being clothed.  Lounging around my house naked in no way appeals to me.  And hanging out in awkward birthing positions in the buff?  Cruel and unusual punishment.

I need to wear something, but it needs to be comfortable, non-restrictive, able to be worn in a birthing tub and it needs to be cheap, since I’m sure I won’t want to ever wear it again after the mess that’s about to get on it.  Here are some “wardrobe options” I’ve come up with to keep me clothed and comfortable during labor.  See them after the jump!

  • Tankini Top 1 of 5
    Tankini Top
    A swimsuit top like this (or a bikini top, bandeau or sports bra) is useful if you want a bit of coverage when you're in the birthing tub.
    Click here for more details.
  • Swimsuit Cover-Up 2 of 5
    Swimsuit Cover-Up
    This cover up seems ideal, as it's black (a forgiving color for messy moments), short (won't obstruct birthing positions, and strapless (perfect for post delivery nursing).
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  • Easy Jersey Dress 3 of 5
    Easy Jersey Dress
    This dress would also be great for post delivery nursing because of the top's cut and it's made of light jersey that would be perfectly comfortable, but the sleeve might offer a bit more warmth during a winter delivery if you tend to be a bit cold.
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  • Comfy Cozy Sweater 4 of 5
    Comfy Cozy Sweater
    Even though I'm sure laboring will work up quite the sweat, if you're delivering in the winter, you might still have some cold moments. This cardigan sweater is perfect to throw on during the cold moments and much less obstructive than a blanket.
    Click here for more details.
  • Stay-Put Headbands 5 of 5
    Stay-Put Headbands
    Hair in your face is the last thing a laboring woman wants to worry about and these stay-put headbands are made to keep hair off your face without having to fuss and fix them all day.
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What did you wear to birth in?

Standard issue gown? Or something you brought from home?

Since I’m a first time mama-to-be I’d love your feedback on the practicality of these birthing outfits – what would you suggest?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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