The 25 Most Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

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Image source: Thinkstock

Whether it’s a surprise or the next step in the plan right on schedule, finding out that you’re expecting a baby is always a big deal … and half the fun is sharing the news!

But how? What’s the best way to tell the world you’re going to expand your family? To help get your creative juices flowing, check out these pregnancy announcement stories from other moms:

1. Metaphorically speaking…

“I told my husband we were pregnant by having him hold out his hand. I placed a dried pea in it and said, “Want to hear something amazing? This is how small your baby is right now.” His face went from confusion to joy and tears. It was wonderful. We can’t wait to tell our families.” —Karen

2. Do I need to spell it out for you?

“When I found out I was pregnant with our first, I gave my husband a puzzle to put together that said, ‘Congratulations on your new arrival!’ As he held the last piece in place, he dropped it and started crying. With our second, I bought orange construction sign scrapbook stickers and wrote ‘Baby on Board.’ I placed two of them on my belly, then had our 3-year-old lift up my shirt for Daddy to see.” —Cyndee

3. You’ve got mail

“I took a digital picture of the pregnancy test and emailed it to my friends. The picture is great because the test was a digital test and it says PREGNANT. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my presentation of our exciting news. This is definitely a different, modern way of sharing the results with friends and family who are not close by.” —Katrina S

4. Say it with sugar

“When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I wanted to tell my husband in a unique way. I had a big chocolate chip cookie designed in pink and blue with the words ‘I’m Pregnant!’ He loved it!” —Carissa

5. He’ll need that required reading

“My husband and I are working on getting pregnant. When I finally do become pregnant, I am prepared to share the news creatively with him! I bought the book My Boys Can Swim and I’m going to give it to him to break the news!” —Jennifer

6. Fourth time’s the charm

“I just found out that I am preggo with my fourth child. I needed to come up with a creative way to tell my hubby (since I’d already done it 3 times) so I made him a card that says: Front: It’s All Your Fault. Inside: Congrats, your swimmers won the race. Prize to be claimed in 9 months. I’m gonna give it to him tonight when he gets home from work.” —Kayla W.

7. Time to check the numbers

“When I got pregnant the first time I told my husband I had done something really expensive and we needed to go over the budget. I asked him to get some paper and instead of handing him a pen I gave him the EPT. He thought it was a highlighter at first but was really excited when he figured it out.” —Carrie

8. So do we call you Grandma now?

“Ever since my husband and I got married three years ago, my mom was sure we would have a baby right away. Any time I was tired or sick, she would ask, ‘Are you pregnant?’ When I found out I was pregnant, I just waited until the next time she asked, simply replied, ‘Yes,’ and went on with our conversation. It took her a couple minutes to realize what I had just said, and then she wouldn’t believe me! I had to show her the positive pregnancy test to prove it to her.” —Sandra W.

9. Capture the moment

“This really worked for Christmas, but you could adapt to make it any time. I do have to give my husband credit as this was his idea. Every year we buy both of our parents a tree ornament, so this year we had a small package and told our parents it was something to hang on their tree. Instead of the ornament they were expecting, they found a pair of baby booties! My dad was so excited, he cried. It was really a nice way to tell them. Another way I heard was to get a group (family) together for a picture and instead of ‘Say cheese’ the photographer should say, ‘Say ‘We’re pregnant!’ and snap their reactions so you’ll always remember how they looked.” —Candice

10. If not cookies, candy will do the trick

“I’m not pregnant yet, but we are trying. I ordered custom printed M&Ms that are pink and blue that say, ‘Baby Makes 3!’ I am going to give them to my hubby when we find out!” —Lizzie E.

11. A literal bun in the literal oven

“My cousin’s wife told everyone at Halloween. Her costume was a box decorated to look like an oven. The door was right about at her belly and I think she even had ironed on a ‘bun’ to her belly and then the timer on the stove was actually her due date! It was sooo cute and everyone loved it!” —buggerH

12. This occasion calls for balloons 

“When we finally told my parents, we walked into their home with two balloons—one pink and one blue and handed one to each of them and waited for the response. It took a few moments but it was a priceless reaction that I’ll never forget! When you tell your loved ones, enjoy their reactions—great surprises like that happen so rarely in life!” —Amy D.

13. Do I look pregnant in this?

“When we found out we were pregnant I made two shirts. Mine said ‘I have a pea in the pod’ with an arrow pointing down. My husband’s shirt said ‘I have a bun in her oven’ with an arrow pointing at me.” —Chrissy

14. Bearer of baby news

“I gave the positive test to my 18-month-old son to give to daddy. He handed it to him and said, ‘Bebe’ (baby). It was so cute.” —Lauri B.

15. Which one-sie?

“We had been trying to get preggo and he knew I was only a few days late. I was very anxious to take the test. He said to wait a couple more days so we didn’t get our hopes up so the second he went out the door to go hunting I took the test! Once I saw the positive I jumped in the car and went and bought two onesies, one pink that said ‘I love Daddy’ and a blue one that said ‘I love Mommy.’ When he got home I took him in the bedroom, pulled them out and said, ‘What color do you think we are going to need??’ He was so excited, lots of kisses and hugs to follow!! P.S. We needed the pink one.” —Shannon

16. Ultrasound, sealed, delivered

“When my husband and I found out that we were going to have a baby, we had copies of our ultrasound picture made and sent them to all our out-of-town relatives saying there would be a new member to the Fischer family on March 9. When everyone received them, we got so many happy phone calls—everyone was so excited.” —Heather

17. A bundle of joy

“With my first child I got blue, white, and pink carnations and wrapped them up with a pacifier. I handed each grandparent/family member the flowers and waited for them to notice. They loved it! With my second pregnancy I used old baby bottles with cute designs and stuffed them with yellow roses, tied with ribbon and little trinkets of rocking horses and baby shoes.” —Amber C.

18. You are now eligible for Father’s Day cards

“I have a Father’s Day card that I purchased during Father’s Day—and kept it. The day I find out I’m pregnant, I am going to give it to him, signed Mommy and Baby.” —Lyns

19. Cinderella moment

“We’re currently trying to get pregnant and I am hoping that it will happen very soon. At the end of the summer we will be going on a Disney vacation with a few friends. We are planning to go to Cinderella’s Castle for a nice dinner on one of the nights we are there. If I do find out I’m pregnant before we go (crossing fingers!), I am going to order a special occasion cake and have it served at our table at dessert time. I want the cake to be pink, blue, and white and read “We’re Having a Baby!” I really really hope I get to use this idea, because I don’t know how I’ll tell my hubby if it happens after the trip.” —Amy

20. Extreme couponing

“I told my husband I was pregnant by giving him a coupon that said, ‘Redeemable for One (1) Baby—Available February, 2010.’ He was speechless, but so excited. I’m not very far along, and we haven’t told our parents yet. We’re waiting to visit the doctor first. Now I just have to keep my mouth shut for a few more weeks!” —Jen

21. Is it just me, or is it hot in here?

“I hadn’t been feeling well (morning sickness) and my husband knew it. So after taking the pregnancy test I took it to him and said, ‘I can’t read this thermometer, can you?’ After a few seconds of consideration, he turned to me with a goofy grin and look of surprise and asked, ‘Really?'” —Sarah

22. Gifts from a future bookworm

“To tell my family we were expecting our first child, we purchased children’s books such as Where the Wild Things Are and signed them, ‘Please read this to me in October (or November if I’m late). Love Baby (last name).’ We caught their reaction on video and will treasure it forever!” —Erin

23. It’s Britney, Baby

“When we found out we were expecting our second, I made a T-shirt for our almost 2-year-old that said, ‘Oops, they did it again. I am going to be a big brother June 1, 2010.’ It took my parents one hour into dinner to notice what his shirt said and the reaction was priceless!!!” —Shawna

24. Hope you like baby food

“My husband and I have been trying for a baby for just over a year now. When I finally get to tell him that he’s going to be a daddy, I’m going to make him dinner, but everything is going to be ‘baby.’ Lamb chops, baby carrots, baby potatoes. I’m going to ask him if he tastes a theme? He’ll get the picture!” —Heather

25. Welcome home, Daddy!

“I found out that I was pregnant in the middle of the afternoon. I had to wait all day for my husband to come home. When he came in he asked how I was doing, and I said in a very stern voice, ‘You need to go downstairs to the spare room and see what your dog did!’ He was tired and frustrated that I couldn’t just ‘take care of the problem.’ But that all went away when he saw the baby crib set up with stuffed animals and the positive test strip inside.” —Robynn W.

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