Announcing to the World: "We’re Pregnant" or "I’m Pregnant"? Which is the Preferred Phrase?

Before you freak out at the title, no I am not pregnant yet. I have been doing a lot of thinking about how we will tell the world when/if that happens for us and it got my brain-a-thinking.

A few weeks ago I shared the post of the ways to say “pregnant and revealed that I am totally annoyed by the term “preggers” (yeah, gave me the willies even typing that). It started a conversation over what terms are cute, acceptable and which ones are really, really annoying when it comes to pregnancy announcements and phrases. Turns out, people are pretty picky just like I am.

One phrasing that came up was “I am pregnant” vs “We’re pregnant” when it comes to announcing as a couple. Some people take it to be very literal and scratch their head wondering how he can be pregnant. Others take it as a way to shout that they are both excited.

I want to know what you think — click through to sound off on which phrase you prefer — or if it even makes a difference to you:


Photo credit: modified fromĀ ckaroli on Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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