Anyone Else Find Eating During Pregnancy So Difficult?

pregnancyI just got back from a day of testing to check on Baby S and spoke with the high-risk doctor at the larger hospital and was told some relieving news. I’ll fill you in on the results of Baby S’ testing soon, but one thing I was told that eased my mind was not having to worry about eating.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble this pregnancy — more than any other one — with food. I have strong food aversions, a lot of vomiting and nausea, and very little appetite. When we were first told our baby may be smaller when he was measuring on the lower end of the scale, I had a lot of mom guilt. I wondered if all the complications were because I had so much trouble with food and on a good day, maybe kept down a few crackers.

My husband and I were wondering what the plan of action should be. Should I be forcing food down? Should I stick to fruit smoothies, soups, and higher fat liquids? Should I eat when I’m not hungry? I was losing weight at my prenatal weigh-ins and began to wonder how this was going to affect baby.

Most times we hear the struggle of not gaining too much weight during pregnancy, but what about the other end of the scale? What if you’re having a hard time gaining enough weight?

My OB tried to reassure me that as long as I was staying hydrated, everything would be fine. Baby would take what he needs from me and to have a healthy pregnancy, I didn’t really¬†have to gain much weight. He said he’d be happy with even just 5 pounds. I really did worry about being able to gain that much, even without having to stuff my face uncomfortably.

Truth is, I am actually eating healthier now than before — just not as much and not as often. All I want to eat is fresh fruits and vegetables and ice cold water and have an aversion to most sweets, sugar things, coffee, all meats, and I have little room in my stomach to eat. I’ve lost 16 pounds so far in this pregnancy (I am 23 weeks pregnant now) and I know it’s a balance of the new, healthier food, little appetite, and the vomiting, but is that a good thing?

Like I said, I met with the high-risk OB at a large hospital and we talked a lot about food and weight and my mind was, thankfully put at ease again. She told me what my OB said too — that as long as I am staying hydrated and can keep liquids down — both baby and I will be okay. She assured me that in my situation, it won’t affect the baby’s size or health (unless I get dehydrated) and it’s better to eat what i can, when I can, than forcing myself to do so.

It was another huge sigh of relieve for me and I felt a lot of that mom guilt float away.

:: Do you have trouble with food and eating during pregnancy? Share in the comments! ::

Disclaimer: Since weight gain/loss and pregnancy is so individual, if you’re having concerns about not gaining enough or gaining too much, be sure to talk to your care provider so you can get accurate information for your personal situation.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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