App Predicts Most Likely Profession Based on Child’s Name

What’s in a name? It’s one of the first decisions we make as a parent. Some of us decide the name while they’re still growing in utero, other’s have a short-list and a name is chosen when they see the bay and some people take a few days (or longer) after birth to choose the name for their child.

A lot goes into that decision. We have to think about the name meaning, origin, popularity. How does it sound with your last name, other children in your family and if there are any embarrassing nick names that could come from it. We consider spelling and phonics and with a new app available on iTunes, you may even have to consider the likely profession.

Nametrix: Doctor or Dancer is an app available for the iPhone and iPad and uses data collected from more than a million people. It compiles information like it’s most popular date, which political party the name is likely to hold and can even help predict the profession. I know that  it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what your child will for sure end up doing — but the info is really interesting to look at.

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    Check out 15 names and the professions that go along with them.

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  • Calvin 2 of 16

    When I think of the name Calvin, I'll be honest, football player doesn't come first to mind. 

  • Carey 3 of 16

    If you want a dentist in your family, you may want to consider naming your child Carey.

  • Danny 4 of 16

    If you want your child to have the skills of David Beckham, Danny seems to be one of the top professions for that name. 

  • Devon 5 of 16

    Well, I have to say -- I'm glad my name has a different spelling...

  • Edith 6 of 16

    When I think of the name Edith, visions of crocheting comes to mind. Apparently, Tennis is the top profession for this name. Weird.

  • Eli 7 of 16

    If you have a love for music and you're from the midwest, chances are you're looking at the name Eli.

  • Gabriel 8 of 16

    If you want a child who is a whiz at the computer stuff, Gabriel's top profession is a webmaster!

  • Gale 9 of 16

    A nurse is a great profession and is Gale's top profession for that name. 

  • Karla 10 of 16

    Looks make up the top profession for Karla -- she's a model!

  • Patrick 11 of 16

    The top profession for the name Patrick is a TV Editor. Fun.

  • Scott 12 of 16

    A meteorologist is the top profession for the name Scott according to the naming app.

  • Shari 13 of 16

    A Democrat in the Midwest who is a therapist would describe a person with the name Shari

  • Velma 14 of 16

    I admit, I find the name Velma kinda boring and well, it has a boring top profession to go with it too -- an accountant!

  • Weston 15 of 16

    If you're looking to have a consultant in the family who is also a Republican, Weston is the name for you! It's interesting to see that it was most popular in 2011.

  • Willa 16 of 16

    I really do like the name Willa and think she's got a really great profession to go with it. I had no idea that this name was one of the older ones -- peaking in popularity in 1932.

For more fun names and their professions — check out Nametrix: Doctor or Dancer?

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