Are All Baby Bumps Beautiful? (View Photos Before Answering!)

Whatever makes you feel comfortable...

While reading the latest celeb gossip on TMZ (Demi Moore hospitalized!) I stumbed onto this Pregnant Photo Contest featuring hundreds of submitted photos of pregnant chicks.

Y’all, I clicked through every, single one.

It was absolutely fascinating to see how no single baby bump looks alike.  I mean, yeah, DUH, of course they don’t.  But to actually see so many pregnant bellies showcased one after the other like that was interesting.

Some are big some are small, some are perfectly round and some are, well, perfectly weird.  Which brings me to my question:  yes, yes, pregnant bellies are beautiful just by nature of what’s inside, but are all bellies really beautiful or are some just really not so great?

Wait!  Don’t answer that until you check out the photos below and all the rest on TMZ!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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