Are Cravings All in Your Head?

pregnancy cravings We’ve all heard about the pregnant woman who wakes her husband up in the middle of the night begging him to run to the store and buy her ice cream and pickles because she just can’t live without them for one more minute. So is this craving based on biology or just an excuse?

I’m going to admit that before I was pregnant I fully subscribed to the belief that there was a biological change that takes place in your body that makes pregnant women crave unusual foods. But then I became pregnant and realized that when I really wanted something (usually unhealthy) I was calling it a pregnancy craving as an excuse to indulge. All I wanted to eat were unhealthy carbs during the first trimester, but I’m pretty sure that was because my body needed more calories and instead of reaching for a few more apples and almonds, I went for the burger because that’s what tasted good, dangit. And I think a lot of pregnant women would agree.
We, as women, are so used to controlling ourselves when it comes to food that when we’re pregnant we say, “I want that brownie and I’m going to have that brownie because I’m pregnant and I deserve it.” Plus those extra calories are going to the baby, right?

I also think that we crave things all the time even when we’re not pregnant. We just put more emphasize on them during pregnancy because it’s one of those highly talked about symptoms that is portrayed in movies.

Do you agree or have you experienced a strong craving that can only be explained scientifically?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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