Are You Afraid To Let Your Husband Watch The Baby Come Out?

I’m a pretty modest gal.  I don’t generally display a lot of cleavage, I’m not really into super revealing clothing but that’s probably more because I’m getting older and worried about muffin top than morality.

When the birth of my first child drew near, I began instructing my husband on exactly where I wanted him to stand and where I wanted him looking.  I think it’s Oprah’s fault.  I remember watching an episode of Oprah (RIP Oprah Show) wherein some douchebag could no longer perform oral sex on his wife and he claims it all started when he watched her give birth.

A quick search around the internet shows whether or not they’ll let their husband watch the baby crown is a very big deal for many women:


“My husband will be no where near my vagina when the baby comes out; he will be by my head holding my hand. I don’t want him to see my like that down there. I just don’t.”

“I obviously want my husband there when i give birth but i know alot of men who have seen there wives go through child birth and have gone off them sexually after seeing the births.”

“I felt the same way when i was going to have my baby. but when it come time i just wanted him out, i told him i was scared that he would feel the same way. but he told me when i was giving birth is was the coolest thing hes ever experecned, and trust me they don’t lose any sexually desire, they want it more then ever.”

Ultimately, during labor and delivery I was so concerned with pushing out the baby I didn’t give a damn where Serge was and where he was looking.  He could’ve been paging through Hustler magazine for all I cared.  Still, I asked Serge for a quote about how he felt watching my vagina during childbirth.

“It was like the greatest sunrise I’ve ever seen, but slimier.”

*Eye roll*.  “Seriously, dude.  Were you grossed out, I mean, it was stretched so wide you could’ve lost your glasses up in there.  An angry vagina isn’t to be messed with.  It could’ve bitten your hand off.”

“It didn’t gross me out at all!  I was watching every second from the moment you could first see the head.  It was the most amazing thing.  I wasn’t so much looking at you…  It was like a train coming down a tunnel, you’re not looking at the tunnel, you’re focused on the light, you’re focused on the train.”

I like that.  So, ladies, remember that when you’re worried about your husband being grossed out by your hoo-ha.  He’s focused on the train, not the tunnel.  Also, if he does get grossed out by the “tunnel” he’s a jackass.  I can assure you Serge’s sex drive has in no way been affected by childbirth.  Dude is still has horny as a rabbit.

So tell me your thoughts.  What do you hope goes down in the delivery room?  Have you given your husband any instructions on where to stand and where to look or are you more concerned with getting the baby out than what your fella is up to?

It’s not easy after pregnancy either: One mom couldn’t leave her baby alone with her husband

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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