Are You More Relaxed Your Second Pregnancy?

During my first pregnancy, I did everything by the book. Stay away from coffee? Say no to alcohol? Skip the soft cheeses? Check, check and check.

Even if I was told that one glass of red wine a week was fine or coffee consumption was okay in moderation, my motto was: when it comes to my unborn child, no sacrifice is too great.

I wouldn’t even take an Advil for back pain or medication for my nine months (YES, NINE MONTHS) of constant nausea. If anything went wrong with my pregnancy, I was not going to be held responsible. I never wanted to look back and say— well, maybe having blue cheese in that cobb salad wasn’t the best idea in the world, now that I’m doubled over with food poisoning…

This time around, it’s another story. First of all, I can’t imagine a day without a cup of coffee. I stick to one cup and I make it decaf if it’s available but my office, unfortunately, only has the caffeine-laden variety. Waking up at 6am to take care of a two-year-old and then trying to get through a day at work without some assistance seems nearly impossible.

Also, remember how I said I wouldn’t even touch Advil the first time around? Well, now I’m snorting allergy medication twice a day. I brought my meds into my OB to make sure they were fine, and he said yes, but STILL. I never would have entertained the thought with Pregnancy #1.

I also find myself craving things like goat cheese, blue cheese and fresh buffalo mozzarella. I order them in restaurants and honestly have NO IDEA if they are pasteurized or not. But, DAMN, soft cheeses hit the spot.

I also remember keeping track of things like dairy, fish and vegetable intake. This time, I eat what I’m in the mood for and although I’m a pretty healthy person regardless, I definitely have been slacking in the fish arena.

There are other big differences from last pregnancy to this pregnancy which suggest even my husband isn’t taking it as seriously. For instance, Mike came to every one of my OB appointments last go round. This time, he comes only when we have an ultrasound. He came for the first few appointments but they were mostly a whole lot of waiting around for two seconds of doctor time. The next time when he asked if he had to come, I said no. It was fine.

Also, with the first pregnancy, I worked out every day. What else was I supposed to do when I didn’t have children to come home to at night or take care of in the morning? I ran four miles the morning before I gave birth— NO JOKE.

This pregnancy, what with working and child care, there is usually no time. I still try to run as much as possible, but daily workouts seem borderline psychotic.

Less vegetables, more caffeine, daily allergy meds…

Is being more relaxed this pregnancy a good thing? Or am I being reckless? I really don’t know. I just hope I’m not screwing over my unborn child. My first kid is adorable, smart and full of energy and her little sister is going to need to keep up.

Maybe I’ll put my husband on parenting duty and go for a run tonight.

But probably not.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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