Striking Artwork Inspired By Miscarriage and Stillbirth

Speaking of perinatal grief is hard. The grieving process alone is isolating and draining but along with it goes this silence — this idea that it should be kept in the dark. I get it — it’s uncomfortable. No one wants to think about what it would be like if it happened to them. No one wants to make someone else feel worse (ps: not possible), so there is little general knowledge on how to help someone — or even yourself through it. Little support and little widespread rituals that we can all expect if this loss touches us.

One way we begin to heal is to talk. To speak of our children, our sadness and our fears. Those words are important to express. Some people express themselves easier through art then words. Images are powerful and you can feel the pain behind what you see.

Click through to view striking artwork that’s been inspired by miscarriage and stillbirth:

  • Miscarriage 1 of 16
    Wysokie Obcasy, Oct 2006
    Image: © Magda Wolna
  • Miscarriage 2 of 16
    "A house wall, once inside, now the exterior of a building beside a vacant lot, where the house used to stand. These walls are very typical of Athens" - Kouk
    Image: Kouk
  • Miscarriage 3 of 16
    Wysokie Obcasy, Oct 2006
    Image: © Magda Wolna
  • Miscarriage of Justice 4 of 16
  • Miscarriage in Detroit 5 of 16
  • Men and Talking 6 of 16
  • Mizuko Jizo Painting 7 of 16
    "After my second daughter Lucia was stillborn, I began reading about about Mizuko Kuyo and Mizuko Jizo, I was fascinated with the image of Jizos. Jizos are bodhisattvas primarily concerned with the dead, and protector of children and women. Mizuko jizos are protectors of mizukos, or the "water children". Mizuko is the name given to children who are not born alive, who exist in the liminal space between life and death and belonging to neither. (stillborn, miscarried and aborted babies.)" - KennaTwins
    Image: KennaTwins
  • Be … 8 of 16
    ""Be... " was inspired by realizing all the things that a child not born would not experience. The writing in the background lists positive actions and activities and experiences a child not born would never know. This project was on my heart for an extended amount of time. It was an emotional piece to complete." - Jessica
    Image: Jessica Gilliland
  • StealBirth 9 of 16
    "This painting is a statement painting. The statement is "God sometimes say, "No!". The title is a play on words. Steal is used here not to say God stole my baby because my baby was always His. Steal was used, upon his silent birth, because part of my heart was stolen. " - artbylynn
    Image: artbylynn
  • miscarriage 10 of 16
  • Sleep Baby 11 of 16
  • Spit 12 of 16
    "A miscarriage of words." - Evike
    Image: evike71
  • Miscarriage 13 of 16
    Image: ylimes
  • Emptiness 14 of 16
    "Matryoshkas, or nesting dolls, always come with "daughters" inside them...some people, though, can never have children, or they have a miscarriage" - LittleHoppieone
    Image: littlehippieone
  • Mis-Conception 15 of 16
  • Stillbirth 16 of 16

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