Aspirin Does Not Prevent Pregnancy Loss + 4 Other Pregnancy Health Stories Out this Week

Pregnancy Medical NewsHey, hey, it’s Friday! That might mean something in your world, or it may mean nothing at all to you. But one thing it always means is: It’s time for the weekly round-up of breaking pregnancy health news! There are some great stories out this week, so let’s get to ’em.

Aspirin Does Not Prevent Pregnancy Loss — But It Might Improve Fertility: When I was being treated at my beloved fertility center, I was taking one “baby aspirin” a day (along with 9 bajillion other things). I was told it could help with implantation, and I was desperate to try anything. Apparently, it’s been commonly prescribed as a way to prevent pregnancy loss in women who’ve experienced two or more miscarriages. But according to new research, there’s no evidence to suggest it actually does that. What they did found out, though, was that a daily low-dose aspirin might improve fertility by increasing blood flow to the uterus. (SOURCE: Medical Daily)

Amount of Vitamin A in Pregnancy Linked to Immunity of Offspring: New research shows that the amount of Vitamin A a pregnant woman takes directly affects the lifelong immune system in her children. It’s been known that a lack of Vitamin A during pregnancy is linked to blindness, reproductive problems, and bone and skin issues. But the new research shows that a deficiency adversely affects the development of lymph nodes — thus making offspring more susceptible to virus later in life. (SOURCE: MedicalXpress)

Stress Can Delay Pregnancy and Double the Risk for Infertility: As if women who are having a hard time getting pregnant (like me!) aren’t stressed enough about it, we now have substantiated research for the first time that tells us that stress can make it even harder. It’s really a wicked cycle. The good news? Experts behind the study say we should “manage our stress” with activities such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. (SOURCE: MedicalXpress)

Weight Gain Soon After Pregnancy Tied to Diabetes Risk: More encouragement to shed that baby weight ASAP, ladies. A new study shows that women who gain weight within a year after pregnancy increase their risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. These women also have increased blood pressure, higher cholesterol, and worsening insulin “profiles.” (SOURCE: MedPage Today)

Early Preeclampsia Often Overlooked: An expert in the field is warning that clinicians often wait too long before diagnosing preeclampsia — a move that can be dangerous. Specifically, this expert says, “Medical professionals don’t want their patient to have it [preeclampsia], so they downplay, ‘Oh, they’re just anxious,’ ‘They have white-coat hypertension.'” He goes on to further state that every blood pressure measurement at every visit is important. (SOURCE: MedPage Today)

As always, ladies, this post is only meant for informational purposes about pregnancy health news, and should in no way be used as medical advice. Talk to your doctor if you have any pregnancy concerns.

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