At-Home Ultrasound Party Trend: Too Much or Great Idea?

At-home Ultrasound Party Trend: Too Much or Great Idea?

There’s a growing group of people who think today’s expectant moms overshare their pregnancies. Ultrasound photos on Facebook. Update tweets. Baby-bump shots… every week.

I say to hell with them!

Pregnancy is freaking incredible. It should be shared with whomever wants to listen. And I say this less than 20 days after the horror and heartbreak of losing my own twins at 17-weeks pregnant and having shared as much of that pregnancy with others as was humanly possible. And when I get pregnant again, you will be among the first to know.

With all the excitement and love that goes into sharing your pregnancy with others, it only makes sense that a new trend in pregnancy sharing should emerge: at-home ultrasound parties.

When I first heard about ultrasound technicians showing up at people’s homes to “perform” in front of the expectant mom’s family, friends, and whomever else she invited for the event, I thought how uncomfortable I would be. Not with sharing the special moment with family and friends, but with having that ultrasound gel so close to my furniture. That stuff is wicked.

I got to thinking about whether an ultrasound party would ever be something I would want. And, for me, it’s not. People don’t often believe me when I say this because I’m such a chatterbox and I have a history of sharing every detail of my life, but I’m actually very uncomfortable when I’m the center of attention. Now, I have no issues with public speaking, and I never had nerves when I taught at the community college. But when I am the focus, when “it’s all about me,” I feel awkward and uncomfortable. I dislike (self) birthday parties for this same reason, and haven’t had one since childhood.

But aside from my own personal hangups, I love the idea of a home ultrasound party! Sure, these parties are expensive and that money could be used toward any number of baby needs. But if you’re not forgoing diapers for an ultrasound, if you can afford it, why not?

I suspect this new trend will create its own set of ultrasound-party games and themes. And I can’t wait to see what emerges. Excessive? Perhaps. But excellent nonetheless.

What about you? Would you ever have an at-home ultrasound party?


Source: TODAY Moms

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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