Awesome Artwork for Your Baby's Nursery

Parents everywhere are going crazy for Dawn Crothers' paintings.

We’ve just moved into a new home and are about to begin decorating both kids’ rooms.  I want to do something fun and different and have been on the lookout for cool artwork I can hang on the walls.

Last week a friend (excellent writer, Crummy Mummy) showed me the work of Dawn Crothers, an up and coming artist in Ireland. Her paintings are phenomenal. Just what I was looking for.

Crothers specializes in painting animal characters in an array of bright colors that appeal to children.  Dawn tells me she started painting at the age of 4 and has always had a thing for animals.  “I have always had a love for animals, and love my two dogs Molly and Bear! They give me so much inspiration. I have travelled to various places around Ireland and like to sketch different animals such as Sheep, Hens and Cows which end up being paintings when I get back to my studio in Belfast. I also take a lot of photo’s which I keep and look through when I get back to my studio.”

A bunch of my friends are going crazy for Dawn’s snails.   Dawn painted her first snail in 2008.  “I painted a very small snail on a canvas 6″ x 8″ and hung it up to dry on the wall in my studio. We had a dinner party one night where one of the guests proceeded to have a look around my studio and set his eyes upon my first snail painting. He feel in love with it and bought it from me that night which made me think…’Why not paint one a bit bigger?’ I spent the next few weeks working on larger canvasses producing some large scale snails and eventually going on to paint canvasses with hundreds of different snail characters on them!”

If you’re looking for unique artwork to adorn the walls of your baby’s nursery, these paintings are fantastic.  They’re bright, colorful (which makes it work with any color scheme) and will last throughout most of your baby’s childhood.  And when your baby is old enough to dictate a new bedroom theme, you can simply move the painting elsewhere in your home.

Take a look:

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Crothers is on the verge of blowing up in America.  A few months ago a talent scout from a New York gallery found her website and offered up a PR team and an exhibition in Chelsea planned for June 2012.  I was able to interview Dawn via email this week about how her work has taken off among parents, like myself, looking for unique artwork to hang in their children’s rooms.  The success of her paintings among moms and children has surprised Dawn.

“I never thought it would become so popular with children and parents but I can see in their faces when they come to view my work in the gallery, how much pleasure they get out of them. They always say the paintings bring happiness and cheer to them every time they look at them and I guess this is what keeps them coming into the gallery and collecting more of my work.”

If you’d like to purchase one of Crothers paintings you can find her online.  She and her husband own and run the Whalley Gallery in Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland.  You can view available work at or on Crother’s personal website

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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