Awesome GIF Shows Most Popular Girl Names From 1960 to Now, State by State

jen1I can never get enough of looking at baby names. Even when not pregnant. It’s fascinating. The rises and falls in popularity, the resurgence of ‘old lady names.’ Bizarre trends.

On my own I’ve gone back and looked at the most popular baby names for every decade since they started keeping track. Sites like Nameberry make it super easy. But if you want to forgo hours of clicking from decade to decade, an amazing GIF that shows you the most popular baby names from 1960 to now in mere seconds is making the Internet rounds.

As the notes, “The most popular baby girl names in the United States are flashes in the pan—each one appearing on the map briefly, before being swept out by an up-and-comer.”

Check it out!


The map was built in Adobe Illustrator by Deadspin‘s Reuben Fischer-Baum using data from the Social Security Administration.

Frankly, I’m shocked we aren’t all Jennifer. Man, that was a long run.

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