Awesome iPhone Apps for Pregnancy

My name is Katie and I am an iPhone addict. I love my phone so much I really don’t know how I could survive without it, and I am only half-kidding. This is sort of ironic given that I go out of my way to never talk on the phone that I love so very much. But anyway, the iPhone has enhanced my life in a number of ways and most recently, it has given me knowledge and resources to manage the crazy world of pregnancy.

The farther along I get into pregnancy the more I realize that about 80% of the time, I have no idea what I am or am supposed to be doing. I mean, so far the baby is measuring on track if not a day or two ahead, so clearly I’m doing something right, but aside from eating when hungry and avoiding the foods I think I’m supposed to avoid, I’m a little clueless.

Enter the iPhone. I have found a variety of apps that have given me resources and knowledge that I would otherwise not have access to. And some that compare the baby to fruit each week. And I thought that since there are other iPhone, iTouch and iPad mothers-to-be out there, that perhaps you could also benefit from my recent discoveries in technology. Also, in case this list isn’t exhaustive enough for you, Babble has their own list of the top 25 apps for pregnancy including Babble’s own app that I’ll be downloading in about 2 minutes.

So let’s talk apps.

  • BabyBump 1 of 8
    I'm not going to lie to you, one of my very favorite parts of this app is that it compares the baby to food each week. This week he's a large heirloom tomato, next week a banana. It also gives good daily or weekly information (you can choose) about what's happening in your body and with the baby. It gets a little redundant if you're using it with other apps, but you can't beat it for baby/food comparisons.
    Price: free or $3.99
    For more information see the BabyBump page at the iTunes Store.
  • iPregnancy 2 of 8
    I have several general pregnancy apps, but this is probably my favorite. It has a lot of information about what's going on in my body as well as the baby's. It also has an OB appointment tracker where you can list your weight and pertinent test results and get reminders about how many days until your next appointment. It also has interactive pictures of what your baby looks like. But best of all is the visual tracker and percentage of how much longer you have in each trimester. I lived and died by that tracker during the first trimester because I so badly wanted to be finished with it.
    Price: $3.99
    For more information see the iPregnancy page at the iTunes Store.
  • My Pregnancy Today 3 of 8
    My Pregnancy Today
    This app is the same as the online and email content from BabyCenter, which I really like. It has a lot of "to-do" tips that I will probably never do, or at least not on their timeline, but it also has some good quality information. And it links you to your online "birth club" so you can chat with other pregnant mothers who are due during the same month as you. If you're looking for information and online support, this is a great app.
    Price: Free
    For more information see the My Pregnancy Today page at the iTunes Store.
  • Pregnancy Buzz 4 of 8
    Pregnancy Buzz
    This is a new app to me, but it's another good one if you're looking for community support and a wide variety of information. Basically you can submit questions and they get answered by other women on the boards. I like the app, but I'll admit I prefer to have my questions answered by doctors and nurses because not all pregnant women are as clear-headed and reasonable as I am. (Yes, that was supposed to be a joke).
    Price: Free
    For more information see the Pregnancy Buzz page at the iTunes Store.
  • Can I Eat It? 5 of 8
    Can I Eat It?
    This app makes the rule follower in me extremely happy. It is an app that exists solely to tell you which foods are and are not safe to eat during pregnancy. I know that many of you are rolling your eyes at my desire to be excessively safe, but I like to control the things I can control. So anyway, this app give you info on foods that are safe and under which conditions they are more or less safe to eat. It's pretty great.
    Price: $1.99
    For more information see the's Can I Eat It? page at the iTunes Store.
  • BabyNames 6 of 8
    Back when we were neck deep in trying to come up with girl and boy names for the baby, this app was a must have. It allows you to search by first letter(s), last letter(s), popularity, sex, and a few others to find baby names. And then it will tell you information about each name that it comes up including its origin, meaning and will track its popularity for the last decade. While I still use it occasionally, I'm so glad we can narrow down to just boy names now. Whew.
    Price: Free
    For more information see the Baby Names page at the iTunes Store.
  • iThankYou 7 of 8
    This is probably the most brilliant app yet. Even though we haven't had our first baby shower yet, we have already gotten a bunch of gifts from excited friends and family. And here's a secret of mine: I am the worst at thank you cards. I sent out my thank you cards from my wedding one day shy of a year after our wedding. I don't know where this deficit in adult behaviors comes from, but it's bad. So anyway, this app lets you create events, like baby showers, input gifts and then you can either import a contact from your phone or you can create a new one. That way it tells you what you got, who gave it to you and has their address all in one convenient location. My iPhone might actually get me to write our notes on time. Maybe.
    Price: $1.99
    For more information see the iThankYou page at the iTunes Store.
  • Contraction Master 8 of 8
    Contraction Master
    I will admit, I haven't actually bought/installed this one yet because I'm hoping that if I don't buy it I will a) prevent myself from having early contractions and b) not have to think about the fact that I somehow have to get this baby out of me. But the app is still supposed to be great according to several of my friends who used it before and during labor. It allows you to time/track contractions so you can determine if you're in hospital-worthy labor, or if your contractions haven't reached a regular pattern yet. I'll be getting this one in a few months. Unless we create a way to get a baby to magically appear without the whole labor shenanigans.
    Price: $1.99
    For more information see the Contraction Master page at the iTunes Store.

What pregnancy apps do you like/should I run out and download?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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