Awesome Mom-Owned Companies and Their Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

Knapp Sacks newborn swaddle cocoon

Mother knows best!

What better assurance that a product designed for pregnancy, newborns, or motherhood is both functional and aesthetically pleasing than to know its creator is a mother herself? Tested and tried by moms across the country, these must-haves are sure to be the star of any baby shower, or as a perfect new-mom gift. All of them will certainly find their way onto my registry — hint, hint.

Check out these amazing mom-owned companies and their incredible products — and see how affordable it is to support independent merchants!

  • Shai Shai Maternity 1 of 8
    Shai Shai Maternity
    Shai Shai Maternity: Tops for Growing Bellies are chic tops that show off your ever-expanding belly without riding up or stretching out. Designed to carry you from month one to month nine, Shai Shai Maternity tops hug the shape of your changing silhouette and are a core piece for your maternity wardrobe. Their exclusive fabric is soft and breathable, and they offer both long-sleeve and tank-top shirts — plus, it was designed by a mom, so you know the fit is right.
    Fun fact/full disclosure: The designer and creator of Shai Shai Maternity is my cousin.
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  • Sugar Sweet Baby 2 of 8
    Sugar Sweet Baby
    Sugar Sweet Baby is a mom-owned and -operated company that offers funky, frilly, and eco-friendly items for moms, babies, and kids. Sugar Sweet Baby specializes in organic, handmade-in-the-USA bamboo wraps, as well as numerous other products. Aside from the many benefits of babywearing that these wraps provide, moms also look great wearing them — not to mention they come in a variety of colors and patterns!
    Fun fact: The founder of the company is a high school friend of mine.
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  • Hot Mama Gowns 3 of 8
    Hot Mama Gowns
    Hot Mama Gowns were designed by a mom on her way home from the hospital after just giving birth! The American-made, organic cotton gowns cater to the comfort and function needs of new moms (not to mention the gowns are stylish!) and are nothing like traditional starchy hospital gowns. Their specific design makes breastfeeding easy and discreet (for the modest moms of the world), and the gowns come in true sizes from 2 to 24.
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  • Rosebud Baby Flower Hats 4 of 8
    Rosebud Baby Flower Hats
    Working from word-of-mouth recommendations without ever building a website, this one-momma show has created countless (and adorable!) flower hats and headbands for baby girls and toddlers. With numerous designs and styles to please the flower-lover in us all, Rosebud Baby Flower Hats are a perfect accessory for everyday or for the Anne Geddes-style photo shoot.
    Fun fact: The inventor and I graduated from the same high school!
    Check out Rosebud Baby Flower Hats -- and the happy babies that wear them -- on Facebook, the only place you'll find this hidden gem of a company.
  • The Mod Mobile 5 of 8
    The Mod Mobile
    How can we talk about babies and motherhood without mentioning the messiness of it all? Enter: The Mod Mobile. This single mom-owned company designs car trash bags that are durable, reusable, and CUTE! Who doesn't want to make life with a baby a little easier? Add one of these easy, one-reach trash bins to your vehicle and avoid those major tidy-ups. There are dozens of patterns and colors to choose from.
    Fun fact: My sister-in-law (my wife's sister!) created this awesome product.
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  • Knapp Sacks 6 of 8
    Knapp Sacks
    Knapp Sacks, a company whose name is a play on its mom-founder's surname, creates beautiful and comfortable swaddle cocoons for newborns. Made from high-quality, natural, and organic materials, each sack is handmade in the U.S. Knapp Sacks has branched off to further create hats and wool teething rings, too!
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  • MD Moms 7 of 8
    MD Moms
    Moms who are also doctors created this fabulous line of baby skin-care products. These pediatrician moms know what is and isn't good for a newborn's skin, and they also know what works for moms with regard to design and function of their products. The result is a win-win for baby and mom alike.
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  • Bummas 8 of 8
    Bummas were created by a mom of a newborn boy to safely and properly dry her little guy's "stuff" and avoid diaper rash, while also protecting herself from sneak-attack sprays. These uber absorbent, soft, and luxurious cloths can also be dampened and used as a green alternative for traditional baby wipes.
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