Awesome Video of Twins Fighting in Utero

Awesome Video of Twins Fighting in UteroThere are times where I play the wonder game — what it would be like to carry twins.

Now that I am on fertility drugs and the chances of a multiple pregnancy occurring goes up a bit, I find myself thinking (and worrying) about it more than I had in the past.

It has to feel so different with two babes moving about inside of you. One kid is freaky enough so two must be more so!

A video was shared on YouTube a few days ago which shows a twin pregnancy MRI and the interaction and movement of the twins is so cool. You can watch the babe on the right kicking the one on the left and him retaliating — it’s pretty amazing!

Click through to watch the awesome video of twins fighting in utero:


Photo credit: adapted from  /YouTube
Video source:  /YouTube 

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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