7 Most Awkward Baby Shower Games

Even the stork isn't having fun.

As a mom-to-be, you’re going to need a lot of stuff. You also probably want to celebrate this crazy new time in your life — and teach your unborn little one the proper way to get down with family and friends right from the start. Hence, the baby shower. But somewhere along the way, oohing and ahhing over baby gear and clinking some nonalcoholic sparkling cider got pushed aside for … sniffing melted chocolate in diapers? We take a look at the most straight-up awkward baby shower games we’ve been forced to play after the jump. — Jillian Capewell


  • Guess moms tummy size 1 of 7
    Guess moms tummy size
    Beyond the general discomfort I feel saying the word "tummy" to people over age 10, I'm not sure the mom-to-be will be super excited to let party guests bet on the size of her bump. The idea is for guests to cut off amounts of string they think will be long enough to wrap around her midsection. While a big bump is a beautiful thing, this woman already has strangers telling her she's about to pop approximately every five minutes.
    And that woman who cut enough string to hand-crochet a tent? Totally not getting a thank-you card.
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  • Baby face massacre … er, collage 2 of 7
    Baby face massacre … er, collage
    One baby shower suggestion is handing each table a group of three baby magazines and have them collage the perfect baby face out of clippings and glue. The mom-to-be then votes on the results, ultimately choosing the one she believes best represents that tiny human inside her. What is she supposed to say? I always wondered what my baby would look like, but with these upside-down, mismatched eyes and huge, toothy grin, I no longer have to! Is that a capital T for a nose? We're celebrating a birth here. The ransom note-writing workshop is the next door down the hall.
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  • Don’t say baby 3 of 7
    Don't say baby
    I think we had a rule like this in a drinking game once — but the basic idea is that at a baby shower, decked out in "Welcome Baby!" balloons and streamers, where guests bring all these baby gifts, you can't say … well, I'm not even going to say it.
    Why? Because those are the rules. And I'm a winner.
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  • Guess the baby item 4 of 7
    Guess the baby item
    This premise is pretty straightforward: you stick your hands in a bag, feel around for some bottles and pacifiers, and tell everyone what you think is inside. While it might be good practice for when Mom has to dig around a dark diaper bag for a rattle while balancing baby, cell phone, and purse with one hand, isn't she allowed a little baby product-free time? Perhaps a more realistic game would be to have everyone take off their shoes and see which baby products would hurt the most to step on — now that's something (unfortunately) all parents will have to get used to.
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  • Baby trivia 5 of 7
    Baby trivia
    "How many diapers does a single baby use in a year?" Don't tell me. Really … don't.
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  • Breaking the ice 6 of 7
    Breaking the ice
    One game suggests that you freeze some tiny plastic babies (don't know where to find them? At the plastic baby-buying, er, craft store, naturally) in ice cubes and hand one in a cup to each guest. The idea is to have them hold it during the party, and the first with an ice-free baby to call out "My water broke!" is the winner. So this is what labor will be like: warming up an ice cube in my hands in hopes of freeing my poor, trapped plastic child inside. What do people need epidurals for?
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  • Sniffing baby diapers 7 of 7
    Sniffing baby diapers
    Why would you ruin a perfectly good chocolate bar by melting it in the microwave, smearing it on a disposable diaper, and forcing your guests to stick their nose in "baby poop" in the name of woman-to-woman bonding? Moreover, why would you ruin a perfectly good diaper? Mom and Dad are going to be needing those — and they are expensive!
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