Babble Blogger Favorites: Top 20 Pregnancy Blogs of 2012

Who doesn’t love a good blog? In fact, I’ll guess, since you’re here reading at Babble, that you have pretty good taste in blogs. But there seems to be so many out there — especially when you’re looking for information and stories to relate to during pregnancy. How do you know which ones are worthwhile?

Fear no more! I’ve done the work for you and compiled the top 20 pregnancy blogs of 2012. Whether you’re looking for nursery inspiration, adoption stories, LGBT resources, or tips on nutrition, I’ve found a few new sites you’ll be tempted to bookmark.

So sit back and enjoy this go-to guide for my favorite 20 pregnancy blogs of 2012. And tell me — which blog is your favorite read for pregnancy news and stories?

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  • One Fit Mom 2 of 27
    One Fit Mom
    CrossFit is in my wife's blood, so you'd think I'd get enough chatter about this topic with her. But that's the thing about CrossFit: You can never get too much. One Fit Mom is an inspirational blog that covers exercise during pregnancy, healthy Paleo recipes, and mixing it all with raising kids.
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  • Sarah Remmer: From Stork to Fork 3 of 27
    Sarah Remmer: From Stork to Fork
    Sarah Remmer's a registered dietitian who shares great recipes, tips on how to get you and your family eating more healthily, and nutrition counseling for expectant moms and families. If you like her writing, Sarah also offers various dietitian consulting packages for moms and moms-to-be.
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  • American Pregnancy Association Blog 4 of 27
    American Pregnancy Association Blog
    I hold the American Pregnancy Association in high regard. While their main website is a wonderful resource for pregnancy facts and information, the association's blog is equally as great. Written with a more professional tone than most other blogs, it covers fertility, pregnancy, and baby-related issues.
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  • Lay Baby Lay 6 of 27
    Lay Baby Lay
    For those who love design — nurseries, home decor, or parties — this is your spot. Lay Baby Lay is just plain pretty. Unlike some of the other blogs I love, this one isn't "heavy" at all. Its light and fresh tone and photos make it fun to scroll through. It's great to see what the author chooses to highlight — she has a great eye and takes a wonderful step away from uber-traditional nursery designs.
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  • Project Nursery 7 of 27
    Project Nursery
    I don't know about you, but I never get tired of looking at nurseries. Project Nursery is dedicated solely to nursery design and baby-shower style. It's fresh and current, and because they post at least once a day, there is always reason to return to the site. Plus, with an extensive archive of room galleries and how-tos, this site's a no-brainer for those who haven't decided on a nursery theme yet.
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  • In the Know Mom 9 of 27
    In the Know Mom
    In the Know Mom is actually a group of moms — founded by two long-distance best friends — who all focus on safe and green products for moms, kids, and homes. It's a great and informative blog that has taught me about products I've never seen elsewhere. The ladies at In the Know Mom are on it. While this isn't a pregnancy-specific blog, they have fun maternity giveaways and also provide helpful reviews on maternity items.
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  • My Green and Natural Pregnancy 10 of 27
    My Green and Natural Pregnancy
    This simple and informative blog is written in such a down-to-earth tone by a holistic health coach who shares her own experience in having a chemical-free, natural pregnancy. Her blog inspires me to stick to my plan of using cloth diapers and making baby food at home. She's recently given birth to her third child, and we're waiting to see what other tips for green living she offers up next.
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  • Three Cheers for Babies 12 of 27
    Three Cheers for Babies
    Three Cheers for Babies is a mother's story about her triplets born 15 weeks early — and the one who didn't survive. This blog captures the simplicity of everyday life. It also links to Love, Annaleigh, the foundation created to raise money and needed items for the NICU that cared for her premature multiples.
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  • Two Makes Four 13 of 27
    Two Makes Four
    The author of this blog is expecting her fourth child any day now, and is the mother to a set of twins. The blog is fresh and updated often, and the author writes with a humor and honesty that makes you want to keep on reading.
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  • What the Blog? 14 of 27
    What the Blog?
    This fun and quirky blog follows the journey of a mother whose infertility finally resulted in the birth of triplets! She covers serious issues with a refreshing lightheartedness. It's a pleasure to follow her chaotic life of breastfeeding and cloth diapering triplets.
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  • Mombian 16 of 27
    Mombian is an all-things-lesbian-mom blog that's to-the-point, political, and poignant. It blends current events with the real-life goings-on of a lesbian mother. I sometimes feel as though this blog was made just for me.
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  • On Being a Gay Parent 17 of 27
    On Being a Gay Parent
    This blog shares beautiful, real, heartwarming, and heart-wrenching stories about what it's like to be a gay parent. It has made me laugh and has brought tears to my eyes all in the same day, and I often turn to it for a good read and support. The stories here are powerful and serve to inform others about the issues LGBTQ families face, as is the case with the heartbreaking entry, "Why Marriage Equality is a Matter of Life and Death" — a post that tells the story of two women whose baby dies as a result of bureaucratic red tape at a local hospital that kept them from receiving appropriate and necessary medical care.
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  • The Next Family 18 of 27
    The Next Family
    The Next Family is an incredibly useful resource for non-traditional families. It offers posts from multiple writers, keeping its tone fresh and informative. I think of it as the Modern Family of blogs.
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  • A Little Pregnant 20 of 27
    A Little Pregnant
    This blog follows one mother's story as she goes through four IVF cycles before finally conceiving the son she births 10 weeks early. The author covers her experiences of an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, and the complicated pregnancy with her son — not to mention the everyday goings-on of life as a mother.
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  • Ni Hao Y’all 21 of 27
    Ni Hao Y'all
    Firstly, this blog has a great name! So simple, yet super witty. To tell you the truth, I don't know how the author of this blog has time to even write. She's a Southern mom of twelve kids, four from birth, seven adopted from China, and one "in heaven." The author relies heavily on her faith in God to see her through the more challenging times of motherhood, and she shares it in such a way that envelops you in her story and inspires you as a parent.
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  • Life From Here: Musing From the Edge 22 of 27
    Life From Here: Musing From the Edge
    The author of this blog has one amazing story to tell. She's a mother through an open adoption, after years of fertility issues that resulted in five surgeries within six years and the death of her son lost halfway to term at 21 weeks because of P-PROM. After four years of blogging about her open adoption and infertility, the author experiences an unexpected high-risk but successful pregnancy at 42 years old. Her story is truly incredible. If you have a free afternoon coming up, I suggest you start reading right from the beginning.
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  • Mama C and the Boys 23 of 27
    Mama C and the Boys
    I just adore Mama C and the Boys. This single mother of two little boys — one adopted African-American six-year-old and a biracial child she conceived through known-donor sperm — shares her family's story. She covers issues that affect transracial adoptive families, multi-racial families by birth and adoption, sperm-donor relationships, and single parenting. And somehow, even with all those "differences," you leave her blog with such a sense of familiarity. You realize that at the end of the day and without all those labels, Mama C is just that — a mother.
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  • The Chronicles of Munchkin Land 24 of 27
    The Chronicles of Munchkin Land
    Not only is this blog so well-written, but each entry is oh-so touching. Here, we follow one birth mother's story through an open adoption. She tells her story of what it's like to be a mother to two boys, while also visiting the daughter she put up for adoption a few times a year, with candid honesty.
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  • Birth Without Fear 26 of 27
    Birth Without Fear
    I first found Birth Without Fear on Facebook, and was brought to their blog from there. BWF, simply put, is the most empowering blog I visit. The author has a way of making mothers feel like superheroes, which — I mean, really — aren't they? With a focus on childbirth and VBACs, BWF shares stories and PHOTOS of countless and amazing births. The stories are real and raw and uncensored, and there is zero pretense to the blog.
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  • Being Pregnant 27 of 27
    Being Pregnant
    While this may seem like a shameless self-promotional plug because, well, I write for Being Pregnant, there are so many other, legitimate reasons I'm including it here. With a variety of contributing writers all with very unique backgrounds and stories, Being Pregnant provides informative, funny, stylish, serious, and real-life posts about getting and being pregnant, as well as the many experiences that go along with this very special time.
    Visit the blog here!

Did we miss one of your favorites? Nominate your favorite blog for next year’s list in the comments!

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A Little Pregnant // Ni Hao Y’all //Life From Here: Musing From the Edge

Mama C and the Boys // The Chronicles of Munchkin Land

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