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Top 20 Favorite Pregnancy Fan Pages on FacebookI have no idea how I survived pregnancy without Facebook. I still remember the day my siblings finally got me to sign up — it was just a few weeks after my second child was born, and I was at home and bored.

First it was fun seeing all my old friends and keeping up to date with their lives through status updates and pictures. As time went on and more and more businesses started joining, the use of Facebook has gone up exponentially — it’s not just friends showing up in our feeds, but favorite websites and blogs, too.

There is so much amazing information being shared on Facebook every day. Now that I am trying to conceive my fourth child, I am finding a lot of the fan pages to be of great use to me. I get information on the latest research, new studies on how to increase your fertility, and of course, a lot of humor and gorgeous pictures to boot.

I have some pages that I like to visit more often than others and for you, I’ve compiled my favorite fan pages on Facebook. From trying to conceive, through finding tips on infant feeding, each one of these pages offers something I find very valuable and think you should check them out!

Click through to see my picks for the top 20 pregnancy Facebook fan pages:

  • Choices for Best Trying to Conceive Pages 1 of 26
    Choices for Best Trying to Conceive Pages
    Trying to conceive is not always as simple as doing the deed and taking a test. The following Facebook pages offer great advice, the latest health info and humor when we need it most.
  • Naturally Knocked Up 2 of 26
    Naturally Knocked Up
    I've been a big fan of this blog for a long time, and the Facebook page is just as awesome. Blogger and author Donielle shares recipes, latest info and tips on how to naturally increase fertility. It's also fun to see the posts from her daily life, and tips on organic eating.
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  • Natural Fertility Breakthrough 3 of 26
    Natural Fertility Breakthrough
    Fertility Specialist Gabriela is also all about natural conception. What you'll find on this page is how what you eat can affect when you get pregnant — there's information on the best foods for fertility, the importance of balanced meals and how your overall health can impact your chances of conceiving.
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  • Fertility Friend 4 of 26
    Fertility Friend
    Keeping track of body temperature and can be tricky — I have been using the Fertility Friend website to track my cycles for over 7 years now and their Facebook page is just as awesome. They offer discounts to their VIP membership, keep you updated on the newest improvements to both their website and app, and even offer games to play to test your knowledge on your fertility signs.
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  • Choices for Best Health Info 5 of 26
    Choices for Best Health Info
    There's a lot of health information that comes along with pregnancy. Overall heatlh of the mom and baby, mental health and knowing what health tests to request are all important. The following pages are my favorites that offer the best info.
  • Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine 6 of 26
    Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine
    If you like to stay on top of the latest research on pregnancy and maternal health, this is the page for you. Everything from how BPA can affect pregnancy, the safety of C-sections, and new lawsuits are regularly shared on this page.
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  • Postpartum Progress 7 of 26
    Postpartum Progress
    Mental health is an important factor for pregnant women and new mothers to consider. Author Katherine Stone has long been a vocal member of the postpartum depression community, and her Facebook page is no different. Here, she shares the latest research, stories of hope, and resources for friends and family when it comes to mental illness related to childbirth.
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  • March of Dimes 8 of 26
    March of Dimes
    One of the largest organizations dedicated to bettering the lives of pregnant women and newborns, March of Dimes shares information regarding up-to-date news on health and safety during pregnancy and premature births.
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  • Cora’s Story 9 of 26
    Cora's Story
    Dedicated to spreading awareness about congenital heart defects after the unexpected passing of her daughter, the writer behind Cora's Story advocates for improved newborn screening. Head to her Facebook page for updates on the website and warning signs of congenital heart defects in newborns.
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  • Choices for Best Community Pages 10 of 26
    Choices for Best Community Pages
    Being pregnant is a fun time in our lives and better to share with those who can relate. These next few pages are my picks for the best that offer that sense of community.
  • Birth Stories on Demand 11 of 26
    Birth Stories on Demand
    I can always count on this page for a good laugh, great info, or an answer to my latest question. Here, moderators share community member questions, offer humor and highlight amazing photos. Birth Stories on Demand is a tight-knit online community that just keeps growing.
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  • Pregnant Chicken 12 of 26
    Pregnant Chicken
    It is impossible to go on this page and not laugh like you have never laughed before. Sharing funny stories and articles from around the blog community, it's a must for anyone who needs some funny during those nine months.
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  • Babble Pregnancy 13 of 26
    Babble Pregnancy
    I am very proud to be a blogger here on Being Pregnant, and their Facebook page is one of my favorites for keeping track of what's new with my fellow writers. As the community grows, it's great to see more people respond to the stories that we share.
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  • Kelly Mom 14 of 26
    Kelly Mom
    Whether you're looking for articles on pregnancy, birth, infant feeding or parenting, Kelly Mom shares the best from across the mother community. They aim to spread "evidence-based" news about parenting, all with a positive and supportive angle. I have been a big fan for a long time.
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  • Choices for Best Birth Support 15 of 26
    Choices for Best Birth Support
    Giving birth is not as cut-and-dry as you may think with all the options and decisions. The following pages are my picks for the best Facebook pages that offer the information you're looking for.
  • VBAC 16 of 26
    I love pages that bring scientific research, passion and a desire to change things for the better. VBAC is all about that -- increasing awareness of vaginal birth after cesarean and elective c-sections.
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  • The Uncesarean 17 of 26
    The Uncesarean
    With C-section rates being so high, I love to get a different perspective from this page, which shares information on how to increase education and support for vaginal birth. You'll also find birthing statistics from around the world. I always find something interesting I didn't know before on this page!
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  • Bring Birth Home 18 of 26
    Bring Birth Home
    If I could choose my ideal birth, I would want a home birth — yet since this is still seen as an "alternative" to the norm, widespread information on home births can be scarce. This page offers great information on birthing at home with birth stories, products and resources.
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  • Choices for Best Loss Support 19 of 26
    Choices for Best Loss Support
    Unfortunately, not all pregnancies end happily. Miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death touch many in our lives and the following pages offer support, info and resources for loss.
  • Unspoken Grief 20 of 26
    Unspoken Grief
    As the owner of this site, you could say I am a bit biased for having this page on here, but it's the community that makes this page so near and dear to me. You can read inspiring quotes on grief, stories of loss, and stories of hope from the community — and the support that is generated though this page is amazing.
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  • Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope 21 of 26
    Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope
    If you've been through loss, you're not alone — this page proves it. By reading the intimate stories of mothers who have lost their children on this page, you'll realize that you're not the only one embarking on this healing journey — and you'll also learn how to get and give support to those experiencing a pregnancy loss.
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  • Still Standing Magazine 22 of 26
    Still Standing Magazine
    Launched in May of this year, this page — and the community around it — has been growing steadily. This page features the latest stories from their online magazine about infertility and loss. Here, you'll hear amazing stories from their many contributors, get connected with resources for support, and find a place where you don't feel so alone.
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  • Choices for Best Baby-Feeding Support 23 of 26
    Choices for Best Baby-Feeding Support
    Whether you're breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, pumping or a combination of the above, support and resources are a good thing. The following are my favorite baby-feeding support pages on Facebook.
  • Best for Babes Foundation 24 of 26
    Best for Babes Foundation
    I have been a big supporter of the Best for Babes Foundation since the very beginning, and their Facebook page is still one of my favorites to visit. They offer personal stories from across the web, new research on breastfeeding and they strongly advocate to remove the "booby traps" that breastfeeding mothers come across.
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  • The Fearless Formula Feeder 25 of 26
    The Fearless Formula Feeder
    I have been a big fan of blogger and author Suzie for a long time. Her tagline says it all: "standing up for formula feeders without being a boob about it." This Facebook page offers new research on formula, bottle safety, and perspectives on the various studies on the implications of breast vs. formula feeding that come out almost weekly.
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  • The Leaky B@@b 26 of 26
    The Leaky B@@b
    This is one of the most supportive pages on Facebook when it comes to breastfeeding. Not only will you find great tips and information on products and research, but an entire community of women who are so willing to help answer questions and support one another. It's this close feeling that makes this one of my favorite pages on Facebook.
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