Babble Readers Share How They Told Their Partner They Were Pregnant

One of the fun parts of being a woman is that we get to be pregnant. Sure, some wish we could share that responsibility with our partners, but me personally — no way. Since we are the ones with the changes early on and usually the ones who know when or if our period is late, we often take that test and get to surprise our partners with the news. Sometimes it’s an exciting time, sometime’s it’s terrifying — to figure out how to tell our partner’s the news of the baby on the way.

The fun is sort of taken out of the whole thing for me because my husband is never really surprised. With our babies all being as planned out as they are and the importance of knowing as soon as possible when implantation happens, the mystery and suspense is out of it a bit. Chore sex kind of ruins the surprises there.

I asked fellow Babble readers and friends of mine to spill the beans on how they told their partners that a baby was on the way. Some were scared, some creative and some were really caught in the moment.

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  • I Phoned Him 1 of 9
    I Phoned Him
    "I couldn't wait to tell him what the pregnancy test showed so I phoned him...he was sitting in a restaurant at Pearson Airport when I told him he was going to be a dad!!! The best though was when I found out we were expecting twins...we actually thought we were miscarrying to I went for an ultrasound to check on "Baby" and there were 2 little dots instead of one. I took a picture of it with my cell phone and sent it to his cell. He phoned me a little while later and said "Are you kidding??"" - Tanya
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  • I Asked for Help 2 of 9
    I Asked for Help
    "I told my hubby we were expecting again with our second by getting him to check my phone photo albums saying that there was something "weird" going on with the pictures - (relying on his need to fix things) and asked him to flip through some of the pictures... when he got a couple pictures in - he saw the image of my positive test -LOL - he kinda stared at it and then said "for real??"" - Christina
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  • My Child Helped 3 of 9
    My Child Helped
    "While hubby was at work, I asked my 3 year old son if he would like a baby sister or another baby brother some day. He said he would like a baby sister. Once hubby walked through the door after work, son ran to him and said "I want a baby sister. Maman said I can have one." My husband was tired from work and told my son to ask me for a baby sister, thinking the conversation would finish there. I just looked at hubby and said that our son might have a sister or another baby brother in 8 months. Hubby was surprised" - Nat
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  • Baby Gifts 4 of 9
    Baby Gifts
    "I got him two bibs that say "I love mommy" & " I love daddy" & a card." - Rubi
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  • Custom Cookie 5 of 9
    Custom Cookie
    "While we were in San Francisco i had a custom fortune cookie made in secret that said "we're pregnant", to be used when the time came. turns out I finally got pregnant (after 3.5yrs of trying) while we were IN San Fran" - Dana
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  • Had Him Look 6 of 9
    Had Him Look
    "I bought a pregnancy test and took it after dinner. I made him check it and it was positive. We were both scared and nervous" - Jessica
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  • Homemade Gift 7 of 9
    Homemade Gift
    "The first time, he was sleeping and I punched him in the arm and screamed it. The second time I wrote a note in crayon from my daughter to him saying "I'm a big sister!" and she gave it." - Biz
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  • Baby Shoes 8 of 9
    Baby Shoes
    "Bought him "new shoes" that were newborn crocs" - Brandy
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  • I Jumped on Him 9 of 9
    I Jumped on Him
    "I jumped on him (asleep in bed!) holding the pee stick yelling "you're gonna be a Dad!!!"" - Erin
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