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Hello, Babble!  My name is Caitlin Boyle (but I’m known in the blog community as CaitlinHTP, for my blog, Healthy Tipping Point), and I’m very excited to be joining the Being Pregnant blogging team.  I am pregnant with my first baby (BabyHTP!), and my due date is June 13, 2012.  That puts me at twelve weeks and one day.  Only six days to go until the second trimester!

I hope to bring a unique pregnancy perspective to Babble, as I’m very open to ‘alternative’ medicine and parenting concepts.  My husband, Kristien (who I usually just call the Husband for clarity’s sake), is an acupuncturist and herbalist, and together, we run the Holistic Wellness Center of Charlotte.  I’m a firm believer that normal pregnancy is not a medical emergency and shouldn’t be treated as such.  However, I’m not a judgey person just because you do things differently than I would do them doesn’t mean you’re wrong and I’m right!  Don’t worry… there won’t be any preachin’ from me.  More than anything, I’m excited to simply learn as much as I can about the ‘alternative’ aspects of pregnancy and have an open conversation about the options available to us all.

But before we get into doulas and herbs and deep breathing, let me tell you a little more about me…

I’m 27 and a full-time blogger, author, and motivational speaker.  I blog about healthy living at, and I’m also the editor of the site.  Operation Beautiful is an international movement dedicated to eliminating negative self-talk and encouraging a positive outlook and body image.  Participants anonymously post random messages like “You are beautiful!” or “You are good enough!” in public places, like the bathroom or gym locker room.  My first book, Operation Beautiful: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-It Note at a Time, includes 125 of the most inspiring and poignant notes that I’ve received, as well as tips on how to lead a happier and healthier life.

When I’m not blogging (and I spend a lot of time blogging!) or helping out at the clinic, I’m usually outside.  I love to be active and have run over 40 road races and triathlons.  I wasn’t always fit; in fact, I was a total couch potato all through college, until a friend motivated me to change my unhealthy ways.  While I used to work out five to six days a week, my activity levels have drastically dropped since peeing on that fateful pregnancy test.  I’m often too tired to exercise, but I’m trying to stick with three to four days of light activity a week; I really enjoy swimming!   Thus, many of my Babble posts will also address exercising throughout pregnancy, including the real-world tips and tricks that are working for me.

The Husband and I met when we were 19.  We were married nearly three years ago.  The longer we are together, the more I think we act and look alike.   He’s a really smart and caring person, and I’m so excited to see him as a father.   He’s originally from England and moved to America when he was a teenager.  When he’s not working his tail off at the clinic, he loves to golf and watch college football.

Other fun facts about me:  I was born in Miami, Florida.  We have two dogs, Margaret Thatcher and James Bond.  I can put my leg behind my head.  I’m a vegetarian.  I am addicted to Twitter.   I love BBQ chips.  I am a really, really bad driver.  I love sleep more than anything else.  I kiss the side of the airplane before boarding.  And although I’m an only child, I hope we have at least two children!

I’d love to get to know my Babble readers!  What’s a fun, random fact about YOU?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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