Baby Born on Friday the 13th? 10 Baby Names That Will Bring Luck Instead

Baby Names for Babies Born on Friday the 13th via Babble.comI am not really a superstitious person, but for many of you who are — Friday the 13th is not a lucky day. The only connection that I have to the date is my parents got married on a Friday the 13th, and they are still together 30+ years now, so I don’t think it brings along with it any bad luck.

There are many dates for people that are less than ideal as far as bringing a baby into the world. Some don’t want their babe born on big holidays, others want to avoid the birth on their own birthday and some, want to avoid birth on Friday the 13th.

Don’t fear though, if you’re superstitious and your babe is born on this ‘unlucky day’, there are ways to counteract it with a cleaver and strategic baby name.

Click through for 10 baby names that will bring luck when born on an unlucky date:

  • Gwyneth 1 of 10
    A Welsh name that means One who is blessed with happiness is sure to take any back luck from the Friday and put it to good use.
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  • Mina 2 of 10
    I love this name and the simplicity behind it. It's not terribly common which is another bonus. It's a German name which means one who is greatly loved.
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  • Asher 3 of 10
    Another favorite of mine, this not-yet-popular name is perfect for a boy born on the 13th. It's a Hebrew name that means filled with happiness
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  • Lucky 4 of 10
    Don't want any mix ups that you want your kid to be lucky? Keep is simple and name him or her "Lucky".
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  • Falica 5 of 10
    A Latin name that means lucky, this pretty name cna help your daughter off to the right foot.
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  • Blythe 6 of 10
    If you love the more old-school names, this is the way to go. An English name that means happy, there's no way babe can be unlucky if they're happy!
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  • Maxima 7 of 10
    Another unique and oh-so-pretty name, Maxima is Latin and means miracle worker, bound to starve off any unluckiness!
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  • Syed 8 of 10
    Looking for a simple, but gorgeous boy name? Syed means happy in Arabic.
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  • Felix 9 of 10
    A cute boy name that means happy in Hebrew, you can't be unlucky if your're happy!
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  • Gene 10 of 10
    Another old-school name that's perfect for the boy born on the 13th, Gene means lucky, that should work, right?
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Photo credit:  photostock


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