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With each of my pregnancies, I have known before giving birth what the little one will be called. I even had the name of my first child picked out before she was conceived. I’ve never been a wait-and-see-what-the-kid-looks-like kind of person. (Because, although beautiful, they all look like aliens to me. So MeepMorp won’t work.) I like to get it out of the way, one less thing to worry about. That goes for finding out the sex too, it’s going to be a surprise anyway, might as well get the bonding started and preferred colors going.

But the names, the secret of the name, the fear of letting it slip and facing the wrath of opinions, I never really understood all of this. In fact, I’m glad I’ve shared my baby-to-be names. So without further ado, we are naming baby boy…


After perusing a baby name book I called Atticus out to the baby daddy and he came running. (Yelling the name across the house is one of our name choosing strategies.) He said ‘That’s it, that’s his name, we gotta use it!’ He was so excited, which got me even more excited. I love the sound, the strength and, of course, To Kill A Mockingbird. The hubs loves it because it reminds him of his dad and what a great man he was and how much he loved and (as a lawyer) respected the character Atticus Finch. It’s settled, that’s baby boy’s name in honor of my FIL.

We both love this name and we hope other parents use it too. I’m not one of those moms who must be super original and throw a fit when I hear another Atticus is on the playground. If you are not one to share your baby name, be prepared to annoy people and also be prepared to have others use “your” name unknowingly. If you want an original name, you need to go with something like Toejamfungus. I don’t imagine that you will be able to find another kid named Toejamfungs.

With my second, I had a few friends who were pregnant at the same time. One would not tell her name, but I gladly offered mine. Sure enough, the name I shared was her chosen name too. I guess she should have been more open. Although I would be more than fine with the name share, she was not. (Note: See Toejamfungus for original name.)

There’s also the fear of what people will say or their reaction. I’m the type of person that gets an idea in my head, like a baby name, and since it’s my choice and it makes my heart sing, there’s not a whole lot anyone can say that will bring me down. I told my mom the name Atticus and she wasn’t in love with it, but that’s HER opinion and I respect that. It has no effect on my feelings for my baby boy’s moniker.

I’ve never run into anyone saying something nasty to me about a chosen name and if I did I might just laugh. Think about it. Another person, a possible stranger, gives a negative opinion about your unborn child’s name. Wow, that’s just embarrassing for them. And if it’s someone close to you, even worse!

All that matters in the end is that you and your partner are in love with the name. Not everyone will feel the same and that’s okay. Everyone will love your new bundle of joy, even Toejamfungus.

My kid’s first names are names I love. Their middle names are names have been passed down and are extremely important to me: Sylvie Cayloma, Lincoln Mack, and the future Atticus David.

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