Baby Boy Names. Get Off my Lap Ethan, I’m Making Room for Everett.

The elusive hunt for the perfect baby boy name. For my husband and I, coming up with the perfect boy name has proved to be painful to the point of excruciating. We just can’t agree, and the decision just feels so heavy.

Baby name list, specifically baby boy name list, are like true rabbit holes for me (and I’m not the only one). Once I fall down the hole, it will be hours of browsing, scribbling down possibilities, and conversations with my husband till I’m blue in the face and have to find my way back up for air.

I’ve scoured the databases, made note of what all the cool kids are naming their babes, and the results are in. A few “new” baby boy names you can bet will be showing up in a nursery near you:

Celebrity Hot: We can thank Orlando Bloom and his wife Miranda Kerr for naming their son Flynn. It’s new, it’s catchy, and right now, it’s on fire!

Uncommonly Cool: Birch, Moss and Brick. These names have been around for ages, but typically found in nature, not on the playground. Don’t like these names at all? Give them time, my friend, I bet they grow on you.  I’m calling dibs on Birch.

Ending in O: Arlo, Hugo and even Otto. Names beginning and ending with the vowel O have long proven to be keepers. While these three names are certainly unique, they’ve also proven to have hit hot baby scene as of recently.

Inspired by Grandpa Gordon and his geezer fishing buddies: Vintage names have always been popular. The question remains, when is a name considered vintage, opposed to just dated? Old man names making a comeback this year include Jasper, Archie, and Henry.

Two babies at once (yeah twins)! I can’t even imagine having to come up with two baby boy names that work well together, it would all but blow my mind. Trending twin names for little bruisers include: Landon and Logan, Andrew and Anthony, and Aiden and Ashton.

Social Security says it popular, so it must be true: The end-all be-all way to find out how a name stacks up in popularity is to hit the record books. Current top 5 boy names for 2011 include: Jacob, Ethan, Michael, Jayden and William. (in that order)

So, there you have it. Whether you agree or disagree with the trends, hopefully it provides a bit of banter and discussion for you and yours.

What’s currently on your baby boy shortlist? You’ve been warned, I might steal a suggestion or two.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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