Baby Brain: The Time I Almost Burned My House Down.

Perhaps pregnancy and open flames do not mix?

The term “baby brain” is one of those concepts that I thought was just a myth or dramatization of pregnancy.  While I realize that my body is going through a million different types of physical changes, there is no way that my growing uterus is actually affecting my common sense, right?

What happened in my kitchen yesterday is forcing me to re-think that logic, and recognize that this whole “baby brain” phenomenon might just be the real thing…

It started out as innocently as a pregnant lady just trying to make a healthy lunch.  Over-cooked eggs (man do I miss my drippy eggs of pre-pregnancy!) on a toasted English muffin with butter and avocado slices – nothing better.  Just as I do every day, I took a break from working to stop to make my meal around 1pm.  Since I am lucky enough to work from home, I have a full kitchen available to me each day, and therefore no excuses for crappy lunches or take-out food.

I cooked my eggs, added them to my sandwich, and then took my plate over to the couch to catch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  No big deal.  After lunch was the usual deal – more working, more writing, lifted weights at the gym, and took the dogs for a walk.  It was around 6:30pm when my husband came home and found me still working in our lower-level office.  He headed up the steps to unload his bags, and called down the steps.

“Do you know there is a burner flaming on medium heat right now in the kitchen?”

Um, what?  “Which one?” I yelled, hoping he would tell me it was any of the other three I hadn’t used, meaning one of the dogs had obviously jumped up and somehow turned the knob, this making this not my fault.  When all else fails, blame the dogs, right?  But sadly no, it was the front right burner – the same burner I had cooked eggs on…six hours earlier.  Did I mention I had left the house for at least two hours of that time?

Absolutely terrifying.

I have never been a scatterbrained or forgetful person, and certainly not one who has ever been reckless enough to leave an open flame running in her kitchen for hours on end.  I went to culinary school after all, and have operated a LOT of burners in my day.  Is it possible that my common sense is truly short circuiting because of my pregnancy?  It was definitely scary enough to make me realize that I need to be a lot more careful, especially now.

Here’s hoping I can make it through the next four months without any more close calls…

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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