Baby Bump OR Food Bump? It Must SUCK To Be A Celebrity.

food bump or baby bumpIS that a baby bump or a food bump? Or is it any of our business?

I remember being asked “How far along are you?” on my first outing alone to the grocery store after my 3rd child. “I just had a baby a week ago.” As if I didn’t feel crappy enough.

I’ve had friends asked the same question when their fashion included flowing clothing or when they’ve gained a few pounds.  But it’s one thing to have 1 person ask  you, imagine having your photo taken and then thousands upon thousands of people staring, speculating and pondering the question… Is that a baby bump or food bump?

Why It Would SUCK To Be A Celebrity:

I confess, I love me some celebrity gossip for who knows what reason. BUT the whole speculation thing, of is she or isn’t she – I really do feel sorry for far along are you And it’s starting to annoy me.

YES. Celebrities are in the public eye.

YES. Celebrities make tons of money.

YES. SOME Celebrities *cough* Kim Kardashian *cough* LOVE the attention .

BUT seriously, when is enough, enough?

It would really SUCK to be a celebrity, followed around and photographed all the time. I’ve been to Beverly Hills. I’ve stalked the paparazzi. It’s a sad, sad scene. The pressure to be perfect and photo-ready, would KILL ME.

The latest speculation of Nicole Richie and Tori Spelling pregnancy baby bumps has had me thinking, what if that was me?
What if I didn’t want anyone to know?
What if I HAD gained a few pounds and was sporting a food bump?

Nicole Richie released a statement today, after speculation of baby #3.

“Contrary to recent speculation, I am not pregnant,” she said in a statement to E! News. “This irresponsible reporting continues to feed an atmosphere of self-doubt and insecurity. To publicly point out a change in anyone’s body is mean-spirited and cruel. People’s bodies change and change again. This is not newsworthy and is a waste of valuable media space that should be used for more important issues.”

Read more:

Would it be so wrong to wait until an official announcement is released?  Oh wait. That doesn’t sell magazines. My BAD!

Where Should The Line Of Privacy Be Drawn For Celebrities In Regards To Pregnancy?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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