Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Pink…Pink.. Every where pink!

I wish I had found the website Pinterest before I got pregnant and had my daughter. Heck, I could have easily designed her entire nursery around a handful of pictures I found on this website.

Since she was born, I started collecting ideas for her big girl room as she gets older, but I also wanted to share some of my favorites with my readers because they are just too cute to pass up!

I will also be doing a post on the baby boy nurseries I love, so be sure to tune back in for that!
Because my new daydream is to actually become a decorator… I have a knack for nurseries!

  • Bright & Playful 1 of 7
    Bright & Playful
    Who doesn't love bold colors? I know that I do and this is perfect for a little girl. Especially if you are looking for the popular birds/owls theme like I recently did with my daughter Addisons nursery! From
  • Pale & Outdoorsy 2 of 7
    Pale & Outdoorsy
    Want a more calm and gentle touch of the outdoors theme before this? Try this one! With pale colors, and calm accents it certainly makes a beautiful room for a little girl! From
  • Fancy and Light 3 of 7
    Fancy and Light
    The bright and open look with the light pink colors makes this a perfect little princess room. The tree adds a little accent of color that takes away from the whites and pinks, but not too much. From google
  • Etsy Art Idea 4 of 7
    Etsy Art Idea
    The perfect install yourself tree for your little girls room, but it also includes a great dresser and shelf idea! From
  • What is in a Name? 5 of 7
    What is in a Name?
    Great idea for making your own wall letters for your daughters room. Back when I was pregnant with Addison I also made a set myself which I posted about. They are typically pretty simple. Or you could always buy them! From
  • The Hideaway! 6 of 7
    The Hideaway!
    How cool is this? Not only is there a cute nursery with an adorable crib, but it also has an awesome little nook to hide in. Great for kids as they get older, or even a place for Mom to stow away when baby is sleeping, or going to bed! From
  • The Nursery in Hiding 7 of 7
    The Nursery in Hiding
    In hiding I mean... is it a nursery? Isn't it a nursery? If it wasn't for the changing table pad on top of the cute dresser, you would never know. This is something more for those parents who aren't really interested in going all out with baby-ish stuff, and making a nursery that can last much longer! From

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