Baby Hiccups in the Womb – Endearing or Bothersome?

Thump… thump… thump… thump…  When I first felt those tiny, rhythmic movements occurring in my belly I thought they were irresistibly cute.  It made me laugh to think of our little man hiccuping because I’m super prone to hiccups.  I get them all the time and thought to myself, this babe is sure like his mama.  But soon after a few weeks of him getting hiccups almost daily and growing bigger at the same time, his hiccups started to become a little less endearing and a little more bothersome.  Click through to read more about baby hiccups in the womb.

At first his hiccups were faint consistent bumps, just enough so I knew he was in there, but lately I see my entire stomach pulsing – even through my clothes!  It feels like a repetitive tapping low in my pelvis and it seems like he gets them most late at night, when I’m trying to fall asleep.

Even though it’s a funny feeling, babies hiccuping in the womb is totally normal.  Experts believe that they are caused by the baby drinking or breathing amniotic fluid in and out of the lungs.  My guess is that just like us big kids, our babies sometimes gulp too much and the sudden flow causes their tiny diaphragms to rhythmically contract.  Result?  Tiny fetal hiccups!

However you look at it, it’s our baby’s way of prepping for out-of-the-womb breathing.  Like I mentioned before, at first I thought they were super cute.  Some of us even treasure these little moments!  But for me, when I’m restlessly trying to fall asleep, his hiccups are a wee bit bothersome.  So I’m curious, how do you feel about your baby’s hiccups?  Do you even notice them?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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