9 Baby Must-Haves from Molly Sims

As I impatiently wait for this baby to get here, I am doing whatever I can to get my mind off of the fact that this is officially the longest that I’ve ever been pregnant. Thankfully, living in New York City, there is always something going on and an event to attend.

Last night, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the launch party for the new Orbit Baby G3 stroller and sit down in a one-on-one interview with mom, model and actress Molly Sims. Upon first meeting her, Sims was not only gorgeous but completely personable. She rubbed my nine-month baby belly and told me how excited she was for me and even dished that she’s trying for baby number two!

The mom of nearly 18-month-old son, Brooks, gave me all of the details on how she is loving motherhood and can’t wait to become a mom again soon. She also dished out some of the baby products she cannot leave the house without! As a mom of two (nearly three!), her list of baby products was completely unpredictable, yet genius.

  • Molly Sims Must-Haves 1 of 10

    With a son who is almost 2, Molly dishes about all of the baby items she can't leave the house without! 

  • Lucas Papaw Healing Ointment 2 of 10

    I thought that I had heard of everything when it came to baby products, but I had never heard of this cream that Sims swears by. " It's from Australia, it's great. Definitely a must have. It's fantastic!"  Made from papaya, the cream helps dried or cracked skin and can be used as a diaper rash ointment.

    Get it here, $22.90


  • MD Moms Babysilk Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes 3 of 10

    "My favorite thing at the moment is sunscreen wipes made my a mom who is a dermatologist.  They are fantastic for a squirmy toddler," she said. "Amazing."  As a mom of a toddler who I have to chase just to get her clothes on in the morning, I can attest to how amazing baby products are that are both safe for our children and make our lives easier. 

    Get them here, $26.00

  • Orbit Baby Stroller 4 of 10

    This stroller has been pushed by many a celebrity, including Sims. "I love my Orbit. My husband and I are both tall so it's great that we can adjust the handles. And I love that you can turn it around 360 degrees. It's amazing." The new G3 is completely customizable and Sims had the chance to design her own with a black frame and a grey sunshade. "I love black and grey because it's neutral." 

    Get it here, $820.00

  • Disposable Placemats 5 of 10

    We all know how messy a baby and a toddler can be during mealtime. Sims can't leave home without a disposable placemats for her son. "I love them. These are a key essential in my diaper bag." Not only do they prevent the mess from getting on the table, but they also protect your child's food from any potential germs left on the table at a restaurant. 

    Get them here, $4.99

  • BornFree Glass Bottles 6 of 10

    "I love BornFree glass bottles." The bottles have a venting technology that make it easier for baby to control the flow of the milk while also helping with colic and preventing gas. 

    Get it here, $13.99

  • Puppy Pads 7 of 10

    While we might think of puppy pads for only our dogs, Sims gave me a great tip on how we can use them for our little ones. "I have two yorkies and they have the poo-poo pads that we use when we travel. We can take them into the bathroom and then discard them there." I've never once thought about using these pads for anything other than my pets, but this use of these pads for her son is genius and definitely a tip I will keep and pass along! 

    Get them here, $37.99

  • Pura Sippy Cup 8 of 10

    The transition of going from a bottle to a sippy cup isn't always the easiest. That's why Sims swears by the Pura zippy cup. "I'm addicted to it. When we transferred from a bottle to sippy it's got a great nipple that made it easy to transition." Not only do they make the transition easier, but they are also environmentally conscious. 

    Get it here, $15.99

  • Stainless Steel Straws 9 of 10
    stainless steel straws

    This is another product that I had never heard of until speaking with Sims, but it's practical and safe for the environment. "I love stainless steel straws." They are reusable, easy to wash and great to pull out when your little one wants a sip of whatever you are having (because you know they always do!) 

    Get them from here, $14.95

  • Hot Wheels 10 of 10

    "I wrap individual Hot Wheel cars for the plane and for the car so he gets to open one every 30 minutes," Sims admitted. As a mom who will soon give birth to my first son, this was a tip that I am keeping stored away and will definitely put to use when he gets old enough. 

    Get them from here, $4.99

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