Baby Name Riff: Ariel


Ariel was one of my favorite names as a kid

I was very into the celestial romantic

and then, there’s Sylvia Plath

to me it conjures sylvia plath and even astral weeks

yes astral is the celestial

its a great name

3-2 vowel consonant ratio is good

there was a song by an extremely cheesy 70’s singer songwriter called Ariel

and the chorus was just the name drawn out over like 14 measures


that sounds good

and kinda like Astral Weeks!

Astral Weeks would be a good YA character name

but i digress

maybe 80s


the funny thing is when we started this convo i didn’t even think of the disney princess. but then when i did a quick google…

the Disney thing could be more or less annoying depending on how this particular character endures over the next decade+

but so many good names are used up in movies, Fiona in Shrek…

she’s the mermaid?

i think she’s the mermaid


well, i guess that was a long time ago at this point

though they’ll probably be reissuing it any day now

girls seem to know about Ariel. I think the merch is inescapable

I like that it’s strong and feminine, too.

always a fan of that combo

there are boys named Ariel

it’s a boys name in Israel

which may or may not be an issue

depending on your feelings for Ariel Sharon

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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