Baby Names — Are You Brutally Honest?

baby names My husband and I have fought like two obstinate children over the name of our second child.

He hated the names on my short list, and I hated him for not being able to muster up any useful contributions at all.

When he did finally come up with a name that he liked, I took glee in pointing out that it was perhaps the worst baby name that I had ever heard, and proceeded to crush it out under my foot like a cigarette butt.

He deserved it after the holes he shot through all 27 beautiful names that I had presented to him.

I am, of course, being somewhat dramatic here. We did argue quite a bit over the baby’s name, but it was a process that I think parents can go through together, and still come out not resenting each other in the end.

After all, we did ultimately find a name that we both love. Our 2-year-old has even started calling his soon-to-be baby sister by name.

Now that we have this beautiful, perfect, hard-won name, I feel absolutely protective of it. I am keeping the baby name a secret, because if I don’t get the reaction I want, I think I might literally rip someone’s head off.

In fact, when I excitedly told my younger brother the name we had chosen for his niece, he paused and said: “I work with about three women who have that name, it’s not going to be particularly unique.”

My brother is in his mid-twenties, is not a parent, and probably didn’t give his response much thought, but seriously, why is it so hard for people to lie, and say that they love or at least like your choice? Why?

If your friend or family member tells you a name they are considering for their baby, do you always give your honest opinion?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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