Baby Names That Were Ruined For Me

My husband and I squabbled over baby names until I was well into my third trimester during this pregnancy.

Choosing a name for your baby is monumentally important, and coming up with the right name can sometimes feel overwhelmingly impossible.

Inevitably, there are names that would be oh-so-perfect, if they weren’t ruined by one glaring negative association or another.

Click below to read my list of the 10 baby names that were ruined for me.

Tell me in the comments: What baby names are forever ruined for you?

  • My Brother’s Cat 1 of 11
    My Brother's Cat
    I found out that I was pregnant with a girl the same week my brother adopted a pet. Sophie was quickly scratched off my short list when I learned it was the moniker of my brother's cat. Apparently, calling dibs on names is important even when your sibling isn't expecting.

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  • Three Pronunciations 2 of 11
    Three Pronunciations
    I adore the name Helena, but only when pronounced Huh-LAY-nuh, not HELEN-uh, or Huh-LEEN-uh. I finally decided that this beautiful name is just too open to interpretation and I don't want my child to constantly have to explain her name.
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  • The Brat from Gradeschool 3 of 11
    The Brat from Gradeschool
    I really like the name Jeremy, but can't help remembering Jeremy from grade school who took such pleasure in terrorizing female classmates. I don't want to associate my son with a kid who used to snap my bra strap in study hall. Sigh.
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  • Toddler Speak 4 of 11
    Toddler Speak
    We were almost set on the name Audrey for our daughter by the time we ran it by our 2-year-old. We encouraged him to say "baby Audrey," and he obliged by sputtering "baby OSTRICH," with what I swear was an evil laugh.
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  • One Precocious Pig 5 of 11
    One Precocious Pig
    Olivia was always a favorite name ... until it became my toddler's favorite television show. Now I just can't disassociate the name Olivia from a pig.
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  • Story Page 6 of 11
    Story Page
    I typically prefer classic baby names, but the name Story was one that I've kept tucked away since I was a teenager. I could have never fathomed that I would marry a man with the last name Page. Story Page is taking it a little too far!
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  • Hurricanes 7 of 11
    While not as memorable as Katrina, the coverage of Hurricane Irene over the summer completely ruined this lovely name for me.
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  • Unfavorable Meaning 8 of 11
    Unfavorable Meaning
    Cameron was a candidate ... until someone informed me that the meaning of this name is "crooked nose." I can't help but worry that naming my son Cameron would somehow jinx him with a crooked nose!
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  • His Old Flame 9 of 11
    His Old Flame
    I loved the name Lauren ... until my husband mentioned that this was also the name of a woman he used to date. Who wants to name their daughter after her husband's ex? Certainly, not me!
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  • Ruined by a Celebrity 10 of 11
    Ruined by a Celebrity
    I always thought that Lindsay was a sweet name, that is, until Lindsay Lohan systematically began destroying my mental image of it. Now, when I think of Lindsay, words like "probation," "parties," and" rehab" come to mind.
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  • And The Winner Is… 11 of 11
    And The Winner Is...
    Deciding on a name for our second child was brutal. Now that we have finally found the perfect name, I am terrified to utter it aloud, so we are keeping this baby's name a secret — to be revealed near my Christmas due date! I refuse to let anyone ruin this name for me, but if you want to wager a guess in the comments, here is a hint. Her name will have 4-letters and is of Greek origin.


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